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nmLaser Products will Communications. Photonic Solutions is looking to approximately one per cent, i.e. a very round spot
show its new FlexSorb line partner with quality photonics manufacturers who benefits challenging applications, such as in the
of high performance laser require a professional sales outlet in UK and Ireland solar industry.
shutters, incorporating a and potentially in other European countries. Very high transmission is achieved using special
non-contact electromagnetic glass materials, which result in an avoidance or
design and superior thermal dissipation. reduction of non-linear effects, such as thermal
The shutters feature a high damage threshold, As a leading company in lensing and self-focusing. There are no ghost back-
quick switching speed, small size and quiet the field of single photon reflections in the lens system or close to the
operation. The only moving part is a low-mass, counting applications, recommended scan mirror locations. An optional
flexible, ferromagnetic cantilever membrane that is PicoQuant will be feature is a cover glass.
moved in and out of the beam by non-contact presenting highlights of its three main product
electromagnetic techniques, greatly reducing areas: picosecond pulsed diode lasers, photon
opening and closing shock, vibration and wear. counting instrumentation and fluorescence Vortran Laser Technology
Engineers at nmLaser developed the FlexSorb lifetime microscopes/spectrometers. Individual will introduce its Stradus
shutter line with its non-contact flexure designed to products include: the modular picosecond event 488nm blue diode laser
close at a position slightly away from the pole, timer HydraHarp 400, with up to eight module, featuring 50mW
essentially floating in air to eliminate any potential independent detection channels, independent output. The laser has been designed as an
vibration or bounce caused by impact deceleration synchronisation channel and variable input delay affordable alternative to high-power DPSS lasers,
of even low-mass flexure. for each channel; and a blue diode laser at 450nm commonly used in flow cytometry and microscopy
These flexures are unaffected by foreign particles operating in picosecond pulsed and optional applications. The laser is capable of digital
clinging to the magnetic pole and offer much longer continuous wave mode. modulation up to 200MHz, and analogue
lifetimes. Wear particulate accumulation is modulation up to 500KHz.
extremely low, with off-the-shelf models rated for The Stradus product line offers an M
value of
clean room use. Scanlab will highlight its digital encoder-based 1.25 (typical), and greater than 90 per cent intelliSCANde 14 scan systems for integration circularity. Beam dimensions are 1.3mm diameter
into manufacturing tools. The intelliSCANde 14 for all wavelengths, with the pointing stability of
Ophir-Spiricon will display a is a completely digital scan head featuring a less than 5µrad/ºC, and low RMS noise of less
range of new products, including: digital encoder for position feedback, iDRIVE- than 0.1 per cent from 10Hz to 10MHz.
the BeamGage-Professional, which based digital control electronics and a 20-bit, Vortran’s 488nm high-power-output diode
adds partitioning and automation SL2-100 control interface. An ideal choice for laser module is compatible with both USB and
to the BeamGage-Standard laser high precision machining, the intelliSCANde 14 RS232 interfaces, and offers automatic thermal
beam profiling software; a 10kW Power/Energy has been designed for applications requiring scan control of the diode and all optical elements’
Sensor, the first detector to directly measure very head speed and precision approaching high-end temperature for superior alignment and pointing
high powers and power densities; and the 3A-P-FS XY stages. stability. It is well suited to applications in areas
Very Low Power/Energy Sensor; designed to measure The exceptionally low drift of the scan head such as medical diagnostics, defect analysis, and
very low power and energy light sources and enables tiling in highest precision applications, confocal microscopy.
divergent beams, such as LEDs and diode lasers. reducing the need of additional inspection or re-
A manufacturer of laser beam measuring adjustment throughout the process. It has no
equipment, Ophir-Spiricon will be displaying many ‘visible’ dither and features perfect line Z-Laser will display the ZM-18, its new
of its beam profiling systems, M
beam propagation straightness achieved with very high 20-bit product family for vision, 3D measurement,
instruments and power and energy sensors and position resolution. With a tracking error of only surface inspection, biophotonics, medical
meters. 130µsec the intelliSCANde 14 rivals the fastest and for positioning applications. The lasers existing high-speed scan heads and allows highest feature 5-30VDC operation, with voltage,
processing speeds without burn-in effects. spike and reverse polarity protection. They are
Photonic Solutions available with wavelengths of red, green, blue and
is one of Europe’s IR with output powers up to 200mW. Also the
leading laser and Sill Optics will present the lasers can be modulated both analogue and
optoelectronics newly-developed telecentric digitally simultaneously, at frequencies of up to
suppliers and is based f-theta lens S4LFT0220/121, 20MHz. This allows the laser intensity to be varied,
in Edinburgh, UK. Specialising in the supply and covering a scan area of 139 x while also enabling the laser to be synchronised
support of lasers and spectroscopy equipment, 139mm, assuming a typical XY with a camera or other equipment. Furthermore,
Photonic Solutions’ portfolio also includes detectors galvoscanner with 10mm aperture. the sophisticated electronics feature a built-in
and a wide range of accessories including linagraph Within a scan area of 130 x 130mm the spot size micro controller and serial interface facilitating the
paper, laser safety eyewear and laser optics. variation is well below eight per cent using a beam logging of temperature, operating hours etc. OEMs
Companies represented include JDSU, Continuum, expander with a 1/e
diameter of 10mm and will appreciate the simple, external hand focusing
Quantronix, Cutting Edge Optronics, Power assuming that the beam is being cut at this mechanism the lasers provide as well as the thread-
Technology, Ocean Optics, Kimmon, Teem diameter. mounted barrel for easy and versatile mounting.
Photonics, NKT Photonics, NoIR and MPB The maximum deviation from telecentricity is
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