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Rising sun
Pirate show
over BRNC
takes award
STAFF at Britannia Royal Naval
You have to be raven-
College said ‘konnichiwa’ as TV HARDMAN-turned-
the spiritual home of the offi cer documentary-maker Ross
corps welcomed senior visitors Kemp won a nautical ‘Oscar’ for
from Japan – with a view to shedding light on modern-day
furthering exchanges between piracy.
the two navies. The former EastEnder was one
Makoto Iokibe, the head mad to work here... of fi ve journalists, writers and
of the Japanese Defence campaigners singled out at the
Academy, Vice Admiral Ota, annual Maritime Media Awards.
director of the international
NY sailors out
Ross’ Sky1 series In Search
exchange programme, and there who are of Pirates – which witnessed the
Japan’s naval attaché to the
extroverts and can RN’s anti-piracy mission aboard
UK, Capt Hiroyuki Terada,
spin a good dit?
HMS Northumberland before the
headed to Devon to witness the
And whose interest in British
actor went ashore to meet Somali
instruction of officer cadets for
history goes a little deeper than
pirates – was named the best TV/
the Senior Service.
watching The Tudors on a Friday
radio documentary at a ceremony
They observed some of the
in London.
basic leadership training in
If so, and you are a warrant
An impressive body of
the grounds at Dartmouth as
offi cer or senior rating, the RN
work down the years by the
well as visiting the converted
needs you to fl y the Navy fl ag at the
Liverpool Daily Post’s maritime
minehunter Hindostan.
Tower of London – for the Queen
correspondent Peter Elson
The Japanese guests also
has allowed sailors to become
ensured he earned the coveted
spent some time chatting
Beefeaters for the fi rst time.
Desmond Wettern Media
with rookie officers in BRNC’s
Up to now, only the other
Award for the best journalistic
Bridge Wing – in English
services and the Royal Marines
contribution on maritime issues.
mercifully, although at least one
have been eligible to don the
The award is named for the
of the RN trainees was able to
distinctive uniform and join the
popular Daily Telegraph journalist,
converse in Japanese (a bit).
elite troop of Yeoman Warders,
the last naval correspondent of
OC George Swithinbank Fleet Street.
spent a year in the land of the
which dates back to 1485.
Judges said Mr Elson was “a
Rising Sun teaching English as
When the Duke of Wellington
champion of maritime heritage”
a foreign language.
became Constable of the Tower in
whose expertise was highly-
“Japanese is a very difficult
1826, he ruled that anyone who
respected within and without the
language to learn – they have
wanted to join must have sworn an
nautical world.
three alphabets, one of which is
oath of allegiance.
The fi nest book on a maritime
pictorial. Thankfully, the visitors
As sailors to this day do not
subject was deemed to be a
had an excellent command of
swear allegiance to the Sovereign
“beautifully-written” biography of
English,” he explained.
(their loyalty is taken as read,
Australian sailor/adventurer Alan
The Japanese Navy was
as anyone in the Senior Service
Villiers, Voyager of the Winds, by
originally modelled on the RN
would tell you), this ruled out the
fellow Antipodean Kate Lance.
and 120 years down the line,
Navy – whether by accident or
She received the Mountbatten
today’s Japanese Self Defence
ducal design isn’t clear.
Maritime Award.
Force is looking at an exchange
But 183 years after Wellington
From their beginnings a
programme involving its
laid the rules, the Governor of the
decade ago, the awards have
counterpart of BRNC in Etajima.
Tower successfully petitioned the
mushroomed to not just ● Warders must be obeyed... Former Royal Marines turned Beefeaters ‘Barney’ Chandler and Steve
“Given the cultural
Queen to allow the Navy to join.
Froggatt Picture: PO(Phot) Amanda Reynolds, DPRN champion the best maritime
differences between the
The Queen consented earlier
journalism, but also to recognise
two nations, an exchange
this year; now senior rates with 22 “What we’re looking for are the Tower. the military. We’re a very close-
the efforts of RN/RM units to
programme would be of huge years’ service who hold the Long extroverts who like people. We’re a In principle they are responsible knit team. promote the Senior Service, as
benefit for the Royal Navy,” Service and Good Conduct medal small, close-knit team, and if you for looking after any prisoners “Do Steve and I feel well as lifetime contributions to
said Dartmouth’s Commanding are eligible to apply. can integrate you can really enjoy (the last ones, curiously enough, outnumbered by the former Army the maritime world.
Officer Cdre Jake Moores. “We’re keen to see the fi rst it.” were the Kray twins in 1952, for Beefeaters? No – the two of us For the second year running,
“However, the vastly- Chief Petty Offi cer or Warrant The Beefeaters, or Yeomen avoiding National Service) and for keep them in their place.” fl agship HMS Illustrious took
different training regimes at Offi cer join our team,” said David Warders of Her Majesty’s Royal safeguarding the Crown Jewels. He added: “Without doubt you the Fleet Media prize as the RN
the two establishments will Cooper, human resources manager Palace and Fortress the Tower of In practice they are highly have to be a people person and you vessel most in the public eye this
make anything more than short for the Tower and a former Royal London, to give them their proper entertaining tour guides whose have to be patient with the public. year – not least thanks to Fly
exchanges extremely difficult.” Engineer. name, are ceremonial guardians of lively presentations on British “And you have to enjoy having Navy 100 events. She had, said
history are famous throughout the your photograph taken. You’re
judges, made the most of every
world. always in the public eye. If you
opportunity to highlight the
There are 35 Yeoman Warders, ever lost your rag it would be all
Senior Service’s work across the
who work a shift system to look over YouTube….”
media spectrum.
after the 10,000-15,000 visitors Like London cabbies, Beefeaters
And fi nally, the campaigning by
who come to the Tower on a busy must acquire a legendary
journalist and environmentalist
day. They live in accommodation ‘knowledge,’ which takes months
Charles Clover to warn of the
within the Tower walls, some of to learn.
depletion of the oceans’ fi shing
Debra Raymond Military Figures & Gifts
which dates back to the 13th Known as ‘the story,’ every
stocks – as highlighted in his
century. Beefeater builds up his historical
critically-acclaimed book The End
There has been a Royal Navy knowledge (or hers, there is
of the Line – was rewarded with
presence at the Tower since the currently one woman) by following
the Maritime Fellowship Award.
Debra Raymond Military Figures & Gifts is a small Devon based firm offering top quality
1970s, when Royal Marines were a mentor around for six months,
The Princess Royal was guest
eligible to join. There are currently listening, and learning it piece by
of honour at the ceremony in
products and a personal, international service. Debra has been painting military figures to two,W O2 Barney Chandler and piece. the Institute of Directors, also
commission for many years and expanded the business to supply military giftware in 2004.
C/Sgt Steve Froggatt. They are also expected to
attended by former Chief of
Steve, 53, served with h read up on their historr y
Defence Staff Admiral the Lord
40 Cdo and the Brigade (watching The Tudors on
Debra is licensed by the MOD to produce a wide range of products, such as mugs, coasters,
Boyce and present First Sea Lord
Air Squadron, and a Friday night doesn’t
Admiral Sir Mark Stanhope,
wall shields, mousemats, keyrings, magnets etc which are printed on the premises and also
became a Beefeater really cut it, according
who reminded guests that “sea
ten years ago. He was to Steve and Barney)
supplies a huge selection of pin badges, tie bars, cufflinks, blazer badges and ties.
blindness is an illness which
head-hunted from and after six months
needs constant medication”.
his job selling cars they are tested for
You can view the ranges available at in Exeter, when the their knowledge and
or telephone Debra on 01884 34835. Alternatively, you can call in to Military House,
Deputy Governor of the e ggeneral presentation
Tower thought he might ht skills,ki before being let loose
’ello, ’ello,
Honiton Road, Cullompton, Devon EX15 1NX. make a good Beefeater. on the public to take their fi rst
He said: “I got a phone call guided tour.
from the Deputy Governor, who’d A sense of humour is vital,
’ello, it’s H2O
known me in the Corps, and especially given some of the odd
thought I might like to apply. questions the public ask. “The
THERE’S a new weapon in the
“I wanted to do something strangest I got was a woman who
fi ght against crime in Gosport.
different – and there couldn’t be wanted to know which side of
CCTV? DNA profiling? Guard
a better chance to do something the river the Millennium Bridge
dogs? Er, no. Water.
different than this job.” was on,” relates Steve. “But the
But not any old H2O, mind
He added: “I love every minute commonest two questions are, ‘are
you. No, the RN police have
of it. It isn’t just a job, it’s a way the Crown Jewels real?’ and ‘how
of life, and it involves your whole much are they worth?’”
They’re using it to brand kit at
family. Some Yeoman Warders join
the engineering establishment.
“I live here with my wife and straight from leaving the Services,
Invisible to the naked eye, it
our two youngest children. They’re others leave and do other jobs
can be seen ultraviolet light.
aged 13 and nine and just started fi rst. Very few Beefeaters leave
The SmartWater solution
new schools. They love seeing before they have to retire at 65, so
carries a forensic code which
people’s faces when they say they vacancies occur only a couple of
allows police to trace the true
live in the Tower of London.” times a year, and there are usually
owner of any marked item.
Barney, 42, a heavy weapons 20-30 applicants for every place. When it’s been used as
anti-tank specialist, served with 45 The selection process involves evidence in court cases involving
Cdo for 15 years, 42 Cdo for fi ve giving a presentation on an aspect civilian police, they’ve scored a
Subscribe to Navy News today and receive either
years and at Raleigh, Northwood of Tower-related history, followed 100 per cent conviction rate.
and Lympstone. He joined the by a walk-round with the Yeoman Meanwhile, north of the
a FREE Tie Slide or a pair of Cufflinks.
Beefeaters six months ago when Gaoler, followed by a formal board border, military police in
he left the Corps. interview. Helensburgh are trying to
See Page 28 for the Subscription Rates and order form.
He explained: “I’ve always “A good time to apply is when encourage youngsters to have a
been interested in history and I you’re within a year or so of leaving safe night out.
Please Quote ‘MFRO’ to take advantage of this offer.
always fancied working here, but the Navy,” explained Mr Cooper. The MOD Police-run ‘blue
I didn’t visit the Tower until my He added: “The best thing to do light’ discos are alcohol-free
wife and I came to London for our if you’re interested is ring me and nights out for local youngsters of
Please note: This offer is only available to the FIRST 20 honeymoon. arrange to come and visit. If you high-school age.
“I fell in love with the place like what you see and you’ve got In the first year of running,
new subscriptions received. Existing subscribers can claim a and when I mentioned this to my an extrovert, cheerful personality, numbers have risen four fold; 200
RSM, who knew Steve Froggatt, put in your application – and bone children now regularly attend the
25% discount off the Tie Slides (normally £9.49 + P&P) he put us in touch and started the up on your history.” evenings which sees all ‘clubbers’
and Cufflinks (normally £16.49 + P&P).
ball rolling. I came to visit and it If you’re interested in a second breathalysed on entry, plus six
went from there.” career at the Tower and would like police on duty inside the venue
He added: “I absolutely love to fi nd out more, email David. – the Drumfork Centre on the
Quote reference 00 when placing your order with Debra Raymond Military Gifts.
this job. The banter is fantastic or call 0203 Churchill Estate – to make it a
and it’s almost more military than 166 6170. safe night out.
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