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windows, rigid sheets and films that can replace PVC-
based products but are less harmful to the
environment. It also contains less harmful versions of
existing products, such as a foam PVC substrate that is
made almost entirely from recycled polymer. An
environmental report, Plastics in the Environment, is
also included.
Based on a spreadsheet format, Europoint's
environmental calculator ranks materials on the
impact they have throughout their lifecycle, assessing
how much energy is needed to produce them, their
biodegradability and recyclability. Users are presented
with an overall rating for each one, helping them
identify suitable alternatives.
Europoint's environmental solutions director, Vic
Adie, said: “We found that there's a huge demand
from high street retailers keen to reduce their impact
on the environment, however, there seems to be
confusion regarding the relative environmental merits
of substrates. For example, which substrates avoid
Neschen has introduced a new range of wallpapers available with
linen backing for high traffic areas
contributing to landfill? Which substrates use
minimum energy and carbon to produce or recycle
finished with liquid lamination using the range of AquaSeal coaters and liquid “Sending materials to landfill is getting increasingly expensive, so apart from
laminates. the environmental arguments there are sound business reasons driving this
Environmental encouragement
Customisation is a huge advantage of print, particularly on the high street, where And finally
retailers want to keep their displays looking fresh, resulting in a huge amount of With so much wastage in the printing industry it is encouraging to see the
wastage. Europoint Display is trying to overcome this by encouraging high street steps being taken to ensure that not only is an alternative available, but it is
retailers and supermarkets to print their signage, packaging and displays on an alternative which is just as good as the less environmentally friendly
more environmentally friendly substrates. solution.
The company has developed a boxed swatch of alternative, greener media,
The EnviroBox, supported by a PC-based calculator to assess the overall
environmental impact of substrates. Europoint will use the materials to
encourage retailers, designers and printers to lower their environmental impact.
Each box contains a selection of products for banners, self-adhesives for
Digital wallpapers from Neschen are are available in four finishes
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