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integrated time and energy shares for faster High quality metal marking (compared to 50W YAG lasers), Sunx’s LP-V
switching and reduction in maintenance costs. Sunx has released its latest generation of laser series Laser Markers can mark nearly all markers, which use an enhancement of YAG metals using the laser processes of deep
technology called FAYb (Fibre marking or black marking. Using
Efficient option for surgical Amplified Ytterbium) within a the laser processes of internal
applications working area of 160 x 160mm. foaming, carbonisation (colour
Limo has released its diode laser module These fibre lasers provide change) or bleaching, resins can be
LIMO30-F400-DL1470-EX880, which several advantages over marked or even modified with
operates at 1,470nm. traditonal Nd:YAG systems, outstanding quality.
Micro-optic beam shaping enables a compact such as a better marking LP-V series come equipped with
and cost-effective diode laser system. The output quality, smaller housing an encoder interface to mark
power of the two fibre-coupled devices is dimensions, a significantly moving objects, e.g. objects on an
measured at the output of 400µm fibre. longer lifetime of more assembly line. Other standard
The introduction of a 1,470nm device adds to than 30,000 hours and lower features of the LP-V series include a
the Limo product line for medical solutions and fixed costs because FAYb systems consume code function (data matrix, various bar codes,
can be used efficiently in surgical applications much less power (390VA) and get by with etc.) and standard functions such as counters,
due to its capability to absorb high amounts of simple air cooling. expiry date and lot number generation.
water. Furthermore, operation at 1,470nm is Due to their average output of 12W
required for the pumping of Er:YAG lasers.
The lasers are built in an electrically isolated functions such as hole drilling, wafer cutting
housing for easy system integration and optional or singulation, and solar cell processing.
available accessories like an exchangeable Higher throughput from the laser allows
window, fibre detection sensor and a pilot laser. manufacturers to increase productivity during the manufacturing of products, saving
valuable time and costs. In addition, the new
Eye safe lasers for lidar and laser operates at a higher power level without
remote sensing using additional electrical consumption due
Multiwave Photonics has launched an to enhancements in the new laser design. This
eye-safe, pulsed fibre laser designed and also ensures a longer laser lifespan. The laser
developed specifically to address lidar and also has a beam quality at M
remote sensing applications.
The new MOPA-L is based on an all-fibre
MOPA (Master Oscillator Power Amplifier) Direct diode option for welding LED-powered laser warning sign
architecture and generates more than 5kW Trumpf has released a direct Lasermet has launched a new low-voltage LED
peak power, single frequency, short (~3ns) diode laser series with features powered Laser Warning Sign, the LEDS-L-2W.
pulses at 1,550nm. that include 100W of output Designed by Lasermet’s expert team of laser
The MOPA-L is based on an all-single mode from a single fibre optic and a engineers, this sign allows laser users to protect
fibre design ensuring a pure diffraction divergence of less than 120mrad, the their facilities with an unambiguous warning
limited beam quality. performance data of the diode module. displayed in a modern, self-contained package.
The MOPA-L is extremely compact and is The passively cooled module is the basis The LEDS-L-2W can be used as a two-way
offered either as an OEM module or as a fully for the TruDiode diode direct laser series that sign where a red ‘Danger Laser On’ message or
integrated IEC/CDRH compliant laser system, Trumpf willl launch midyear. Thanks to the a green ‘No Hazard Laser Off’ message is
incorporating an integrated power supply and small fibre optic diameter and the low displayed on the same part of the screen
control unit for easy laser installation, opening angle, the module generates a laser depending on whether the laser is enabled or
turn-on, operation and control. The system is beam with the highest brilliance. disabled. Alternatively, it can be used as a
conductively cooled via forced air-cooling or Due to its high beam quality, even in the one-way sign displaying the red message when
any other applicable means. multi-kilowatt range, the laser in the the laser is enabled and no message when it is TruDiode series is intended for welding disabled.
applications where lamp-pumped solid state Being relatively compact (just 160 x 108 x
Increased throughput for lasers are currently used. With a wall plug 38.5mm), this LED sign can be mounted
micromachining efficiency of 40 per cent and a module service wherever it will be most noticeable, often
JDSU has released a high-power ultraviolet life of about 50,000 hours, diode lasers work between the door handle and eye height.
(UV) laser called the Q304-HD laser. far more efficiently than lamp-pumped solid The LEDS-L-2W Laser Warning Sign is fully
Based upon the Q Series UV laser platform state lasers. Another advantage is the small compatible with the Lasermet family of ICS
from JDSU, the laser provides 50 per cent size of the diode module of only 8 x 6 x 3cm, Laser Safety Interlock Systems, which can
more power, with >11W at 355nm, and is which facilitates the very compact and automatically switch the sign on or off as part
designed to increase throughput, or the rate at space-saving design of the TruDiode series. of a fully-integrated laser safety system.
which it can conduct micromachining issue 1 sue 2 • LASER SYSTEMS EUROPE 21
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