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Materiel Administration (FMV) has placed the small-calibre gun (ASCG); a first-of-fit command
contract with Kockums. The work will be carried system [DNA(2)] installation; a sea tube enhance-
out on HSwMS Södermanland at Kockum’s ment that involves changing the fitting arrange-
facility at Muskö. ments for 13 underwater sea tubes on the vessel;
A general overhaul will be conducted of selected and a main gearwheel replacement.
sections within the hull, while a new command- In addition, 76 sea tube replacements, overhaul
and-control system, Ledsys Ubåt (submarine and replacement of more than 180 underwater
command and control system), is being installed. valves, and overhaul of various marine engineer-
The submarine was launched in 1989 and later fitted ing systems such as high-pressure air, chilled
with an AIP system, rejoining the fleet in mid-2004. water and high-pressure salt water pumps are to
be undertaken, as well as habitability and painting
Refit upgrades. Painting upgrades will be finalised once
the full condition of the ship’s hull is determined
after docking.
docks for refit
The UK Royal Navy’s Type 22 frigate HMS Campbel-
town has docked down at Babcock’s Rosyth facility
US$14bn deal for
for a year-long multimillion-Pound refit. This is the
Virginia subs
first Type 22 refit ahead of the Surface Ship Support
(SSS) contract that will be documented in accord- The US Navy has placed a US$14 billion multi-year
ance with the forthcoming Class Output Manager procurement contract for eight Virginia (SSN 774)
(COM) requirements. class fleet submarines.
The specification for the refit on Campbeltown,
the first Type 22 refit at Rosyth for 13 years, has
been jointly developed by Babcock’s Devonport
(Campbeltown’s base port) and Rosyth teams,
building on Devonport’s experience and knowledge
of the vessel, within the Ministry of Defence’s
affordability parameters.
The refit encompasses weapons systems upgrades
and machinery work. Work is currently underway and
the refit is scheduled to be completed in November
2009. Campbeltown underwent pre-refit trials and
assessments in late 2008, following her return, in May, eight more Virginia class submarines are to be ordered
from a seven-month Gulf deployment. under a massive Us$14billion deal.
The Type 23 frigate HMS Montrose has begun
a six-month multimillion-Pound refit also to be
undertaken by Babcock at Rosyth, which will The submarines are to be built by General
include enhancements to the ship’s weapon, sensor Dynamics Electric Boat as prime contractor and
and propulsion systems. Capability upgrades to Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding as its partner.
be carried out during the docking period include Each will build parts of the submarines and alternate
installation of the Defence Information Infrastruc- deliveries of complete submarines.
ture (DII), (including installation of around The third, or Block III, contract calls for one ship
12km of cable); installation of a 30mm automatic per year in fiscal years (FY) 2009 and 2010, and two
per year in FY2011, 2012 and 2013. The contract also
meets the mandate of the Chief of Naval Operations
Admiral Michael Mullen to reduce acquisition
is undergoing
costs by approximately 20% for the FY2012 ships or
a year-long refit 
US$400 million per ship.
at Rosyth.
The most extensive modification involves the
replacement of the traditional sonar sphere with a
Large Aperture Bow (LAB) Array and 12 vertical
launch tubes, with two large diameter Virginia
Payload Tubes (VPT).
The LAB and VPTs, along with more than
two-dozen associated modifications, will save
US$40 million per ship starting with the FY2012
ships. The LAB Array uses life-of-the hull
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