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the F word
Dear Flavour, Absolutely fantastic
cover! The illustration is amazing.
There is no way you can see
a cover like this and not want
to explore the magazine in its
entirety. Amazing!
Annette Long via email
Editor: Thanks! The cover was
shot by Kosher at Femelle
Studios and illustrated by Vince
Fraser. They both did a fantastic
job and that it really suited the
trendsetters theme.
Hey Flavour, I’ve been a great fan
of your mag since the beginning
and I Iook forward to seeing your
covers every issue because you
always come out with something
different. This issue’s one was
crazy. The illustrations were on
fire. I’ve never seen a cover like
that. You always bring the heat
when it comes to your covers.
Send all your
Keep up the good work.
letters to:
Raymond Knight via email
Flavour, PO
Editor: Thanks Raymond. All
Box 55748,
our covers are exclusively shot
London, E16
and designed for Flavour so you
3XY or mail@
won’t see them anywhere else.
We think it’s one of the things
that makes us stand out from
other magazines and we’re glad
section of www.flavourmag. know that I like the position you
that you and the rest of our you can see exclusive have taken in the market as not
readers love them so much!
Flavour photographs of the star. only a magazine that reports on
Keep reading the magazine. entertainment and fashion, but by
Hi Flavour, Thanks for the write up acting as a line of support to the
on Kid Cudi. I just love him! He’s
Dappy from N-Dubz is so fit. The urban creative industries as you
the true definition of dope! I can’t
write up on them was heavy. I’m shine your spotlight on emerging
wait to hear his new album!
always watching their videos on UK talent. Keep up the good work.
Robin Nolan, via email
the net. Wish I could see them Sharon Farnell via email
Editor: Keep checking the mag
perform live. For now I’ll just keep
and the website and we will
up to date with them in Flavour. Hey Flava, how can I get to write
keep you updated on Kid Cudi.
Emma Young via website for your magazine? Or do you
Editor: Hi Emma, you’re in luck have any other creative jobs
Thanks Flavour for the Little Big
– N-Dubz are touring around the available as I love what you guys
Planet game. I just received it in
UK from March 27. Check out are doing and want to be a part of
the mail. I never win anything so it
their MySpace for information: the movement.
was a nice surprise when I opened Mark O’ Connor via email
it. My housemates have already Editor: You want to write for
taken it to play on their PS3!
Flavour brings culture and us? I’m a bit worried about that
Craig Johnson, via email
inspiration to many of us young because you spelt our name
Editor: You’re welcome. Like I
people and also helps people see wrong, we are Flavour NOT
always say, you’ve got to be in it
what more we have to offer to the Flava. One of the first rules
to win it. So thanks for entering
creative and artistic community. of journalism is always check
and letting us know that you
I love Flavour events because I your spelling. We spell Flavour
received it.
think it is important to support the way it’s spelt in the English
your local community and I never dictionary and it’s one of my pet
Hey Flavour, it would be cool to
seem to stop being amazed by the hates when people write in and
see more of the cute Lisa Maffia!
talent it brings to light. they spell it that way. I’m glad
The girl is brilliant and is so pretty.
I just wanted to say thank you that you want to be involved.
Dan via website
Flavour. Send us a copy of your CV and
Editor: We’ll try and catch up
Louise Santillo via email a brief covering letter and a
with what Ms Maffia is up to member of the team will get
soon. If you log onto the gallery
Hi Flavour, just want you to back to you.
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