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housed form factor, and M12 microlens or C/CS
lens mount. The USB 2.0 models are equipped
ComPleTe VIsIon
with a CS-mount lens holder with removable
glass/IR filter system, and are housed in a
small and lightweight 44 x 24 x 34mm plastic Solder paste inspection system
case. A board-level option, which is the same Viscom has upgraded its successful
size as its FireWire counterpart at just 40 x QuickScan solder paste inspection system on
25mm, is available for qualified OEMs. A 7-pin a new platform, the S3088-II QS. Viscom’s
general purpose I/O connector can be used to illumination technology has been integrated into
synchronise the camera to external devices, the system, along with new camera technology.
such as an external trigger or light source, and Until now, the S3088-II has been offered as
its 5-pin Mini-B USB 2.0 connector enables the a post-reflow AOI with 8M camera technology.
USB 2.0 cable (included in the Development Now Viscom exploits the advantages of this platform is that larger PCBs up to 20 x 18-inch
Accessory Kit) to transfer both data and power. system platform for 2D solder paste inspection can also be scanned.
Like all Point Grey cameras, the Firefly MV as well. The integration of a new camera The S3088-II QS recognises missing or
complies with the IIDC v1.31 specification. head especially for paste inspection and a smeared paste and paste bridges, as well as
Existing Point Grey camera users will benefit new high-resolution line scan camera results faulty component placement. This allows fast
from the seamless software integration that in a scanning speed increase of up to 50 per identification of the most important defect
is available using the FlyCapture Software cent. This combination yields cycle times even features possible even for applications where
Development Kit (SDK). The SDK is compatible lower than those achieved by its predecessor. previous high-end solutions were inadequate.
with both FireWire and USB 2.0 cameras using Customers who already employ a S3088-II A classification station, off-line programming
the same API, and includes support for ActiveX, post-reflow also profit from easy service and and VPC statistical process control are also
Twain and DirectShow. maintenance procedures. available from Viscom as add-on modules. A further advantage of the S3088-II system
Stereo camera
easily integrated into existing automation Flir i50 and i60 models, this is complemented
environments. It operates with the proprietary by a laser pointer whose target is also visible on
real-time operating system VVCRT, which the infrared image. Another high end feature is
processes task changes with a maximum delay the Picture-in-Picture function that allows the
of 1ms. Like all VC cameras, the new model can overlaying and scaling of an infrared image on
be freely programmed in C and C++, which is a visual image, in real time and at the push of
facilitated by the VCLIB programming library and a button. This enables easier identification and
additional libraries (e.g. for 2D code recognition). interpretation of inspected objects. These cameras are very easy to use with
intuitive command buttons and clear user menu
Image processing expert Vision Components (VC)
Cameras - Thermal
available in 21 languages. They are dust and
has developed a prototype of a stereo camera
water splash proof, shock resistant and equipped
suited to a wide range of applications. Designed with a field replaceable battery for five hours
as an OEM single board camera measuring Ideal for predictive maintenance of uninterrupted use. The wide temperature ope.c
60 x 100mm, the unit features two camera Flir has introduced two new camera models to measurement range of -20°C to 350°C is ideal
heads equipped with Sony CCD sensors which its compact i-Series of infrared cameras, which for the majority of preventative maintenance .imv
provide a 640 x 480 pixel resolution. are ideal for use in predictive maintenance and applications.
Using flex cables, the camera heads can be energy management thermography applications. The main differentiator between the cameras
installed at nearly any distance and inclination The new Flir i40 and i60 thermal imaging is the size of focal plane array. The i40 has
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angle. Stereo image recording with both sensor cameras weigh just 600g, but are designed a 120 x 120 pixel detector, the established
heads can be triggered externally or internally for tough on-site and i50 140 x 140 and the new top of the range
irrespective of exposure time. Featuring an field conditions. These i60, 180 x 180. All have accuracy of ±2 per
integrated TMS320C64xx processor from Texas cameras share many cent and 0.1°C thermal sensitivity.
Instruments with a clock rate of 900MHz, the features with the more ope
intelligent stereo camera, which is based on the sophisticated infrared
proven VC Smart Cameras, executes all image cameras from Flir. For
Frame grabbers
processing routines. It comes with a working example, they have a
storage and program storage capacity of 64MB 2.3 Megapixel digital PCI-Express frame grabbers
DDR RAM and 4MB Flash EPROM. camera and double The Imaging Source has introduced a new series
The camera features an Ethernet interface, LED lights enabling the of PCI-Express frame grabbers. The models ship
two digital inputs and four outputs and an user to work in dark with a number of different video inputs. Some
LVTTL parallel interface, allowing it to be environments. On the models are available for low profile PC cases.
imaging and machine vision eur
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