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Issue 6 / February 2009
Cool Heads & Common Sense
Top 10 Business trends
- Banking goes back to Basics
Four Key Themes in 2009 Recent Issues
The Financial Insights Top 9 Predictions
Issue 5 – October 2008
Reduce React
for Best Practise in EMEA Financial
Services technology are:

Green IT: It won’t cost the earth
> All banks looking to reduce costs, > Some banks are looking to build scale
1. Financial Services IT Spend in EMEA
Mobile Money: Changing the face of banking
from IT budgets to human resources and increasing CAD (regulatory capital)
will contract in 2009 by 3.8%, though
Brigid Whoriskey interviews Simon Phipps, Chief Open
ratios: “war on deposits”
with risks of a bigger overall decline,
Source Officer, Sun Microsystems
> However some banks will look to
with little revival in 2010 and the
benefit from talent exodus > Key fundamental is to assess what are
Prediction Markets: Are they a good bet?
beginnings of a revival in real spending
the areas of growth relative to core
only evident in 2012. The global picture
Interview with Dr. John Wells, President, IMD
> Reducing budgets won’t answer the
issue of “doing more with less”
will be marginally better than this,
> Need to move away from a herd
with a similar picture in the US, but less
> Time to finally tackle efficiency gaps:
mentality – there are opportunities
impact from spending cuts in Asia.
no more papering over the cracks
but need to act fast!
2. Improved Risk Management in all its
Issue 4 – Summer 2008
guises will rise to the top of most bank’s
management agendas, with consequent
Open Source: Software as a commodity
potential increases in IT spending
Quantum Leap: Cryptology of the future
3. Banks will have to respond to greater
Presence Management: Simply Connecting People?
regulatory and compliance scrutiny, but
Interview with Dr. Stephen Brobst, Teradata
will hopefully be able to turn some of
– The right time for right decisions
these industry requirements to their
Microfinance: A new model for emerging economies
4. The global banking universe will continue
to consolidate, with the number of
financial institutions contracting by a
further 5-10% and the share of assets Issue 3 – Winter 2007
held by the Top 10 banks in EMEA

increasing from 45% to 60% and in
Turning on the Grid: Computing as a utility
the US pushing close to 80%
Brigid Whoriskey interviews Marc Gaudart, Expertan
5. A drive for greater efficiency will see DIY Finance: A different kind of wrap
greater use of outsourcing, potential
The Facebook Generation: Not so different to you and me?
white labelling by larger firms of their
Spiders & Ants – Happy with your search engine?
technology capabilities and more
Top 10 Predictions for Worldwide Banking
discussions around shared service
6. There will be a drive towards greater
simplicity as the emphasis on
back-to-basics sees more attention
Issue 2 – Autumn 2007
paid to retail and corporate banking

Biometrics – Silver bullet or false dawn?
7. This will go hand-in-hand with
Google – Just how do they do that?
customers taking a higher priority in
Risk Retain
Brigid Whoriskey interviews Peka Viljakainen – Tietoenator
those organisations that seek a return
Disruptive Online Start-ups
to “relationship management” with
> All banks focus on “A1 customers” profits measured more by customer
Mega Trends Impacting Financial Services Technology
service than product sales
> How do you attract/ recognise
> Fundamental review of risk
good customers 8. Innovation will still hold a prominent
management models
place in the industry but will be applied
> Servicing very much back on the agenda
> Place of risk management
to more practical initiatives that can
in the enterprise? > High touch for good customers
deliver both short and long-term benefits
Issue 1 – Summer 2007
that are more quickly measurable
> Less information, more intelligence > Automate for mass market

9. Banks will accelerate initiatives that
Communications Technology
> More failures possible? > “We are in this together”
align business and IT needs ever
The Virtual Economy
more closely, with increasing transfer
Second Life – Can you bank on it?
of people and resources between
these teams trading off short term
business priorities against longer
term capability building
22 / Perspectives on the future Perspectives on the future / 23
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