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THERE’S been recognition nationwide for the inspirational
nature of personnel in the Naval service.
The Sun Military Awards, Members of the judging panel
run by the red-top newspaper in included: former First Sea Lord
association with the Ministry of Lord West, former RAF boss Air
Defence, lauds the excellence of Chief Marshal Sir Peter Squires,
the sailors, soldiers and airmen Olympian Dame Kelly Holmes,
that make up the Armed Forces. actor Ross Kemp, footballer John
Guests of honour at the event Ter r y, Top Gear presenter Jeremy
were the Prince of Wales and Clarkson, and notable others.
the Duchess of Cornwall who Another Naval man has received
saw the awards given to the men a high accolade as Lt Cdr Neville
and women in the military and Bryce has been chosen as one of
their supporters who make such a the top 20 black role models in
difference. the UK.
■ IT’S taken a little longer than Senior Service winners include Neville, originally from a council
usual for Robin Wynne-Jones to Able Seaman (Diver) Jamie estate in Bilborough, Nottingham,
pick up his Top of Class trophy. Campbell, who took the laurels was regularly stopped by the police
Aged 18 Robin won the laurels for Best Recruit, the Royal Marine as a youth – it motivated him to
in the Gunnery Officers’ course Armoured Support Group of join the Navy to leave behind such
– in 1944. But World War 2 and Yeovilton, who are the True Grit harassment.
● Ldg Diver Lee ‘Duffs’ Duffy
a swift deployment stopped him Group; and Leading Seaman Neville signed up as a marine
picking up his award. (Diver) Lee Duffy of Northern engineering apprentice, and
But two years ago he tracked
Diving Group at HMNB Clyde, served on HMS Intrepid during
the trophy down to DE&S’
who won the title for Most the Falklands War. He joined the
Pockeridge Hodge Officers’
Outstanding Sailor or Marine. submarine service in 1986, was
Mess at Corsham where it was on
His citation from his CO Lt Cdr Chief of Boat on HMS Opportune
loan; Cdr Paul Dowell, president
Jason White reads: “During his in 1999, and was commissioned
Michelle goes up
of the Mess Committee, handed
time at Northern Diving Group, later in his career.
over the trophy to the now
‘Duffs’ Duffy has without a doubt One of his schoolfriend’s
82-year-old veteran.
been pivotal to the success of this 18-year-old son was shot by a
in the world
Robin said: “What an
extremely busy operational unit. gang in London last year.
impressive trophy it is. I consider
“A father of four young children Neville is committed to changing
DIEGO Garcia’s 12,003ft runway is very familiar to the Servicemen
myself extremely fortunate to
he nevertheless puts himself negative attitudes within ethnic
and women who stop there on their world travels. However is it also
have come through the war
forward for all and any deployed communities.
designated an emergency landing site for the Space Shuttle.
relatively unscathed.”
jobs in the UK or abroad and, He said: “I was thrilled to win On January 13 NASA conducted a shuttle landing and crew rescue
with his huge experience, is one of my way through to becoming a exercise on the island – as a birthday treat LLogs Michelle Snow
■ WORLD War 1 veteran Henry
the most capable Number 2 Bomb top 20 black role model and hope (pictured above), who is one of the 42-strong team of British military
Allingham, who joined the RNAS
Disposal operators in the RN. that such recognition proves to stationed there, was designated Shuttle Pilot for the day so that the
in 1915 as a mechanic, has been
“His tireless enthusiasm and aspiring young black men that the rescue teams could practise their drills.
honoured by the Institution of
professional knowledge have Royal Navy welcomes anybody Michelle, resplendent in real astronaut clothing, was removed from
Mechanical Engineers (IMechE).
been invaluable in maintaining who has the ambition to achieve the ‘shuttle’ and decontaminated. She said: “I know the Navy gives
President Bill Banks presented
the military capability that NDG a successful career, whatever their plenty of opportunity for adventure, but I never expected to have a day
the 112-year-old with the
● Lt Cdr Neville Bryce
provide in the UK.” background.” as a NASA astronaut.”
President’s Special Award for
Outstanding Contribution and
Achievements on behalf of the
Engineering Profession.
Crash couple
Family life
Henry said: “Since entering the
engineering profession I always
in the RFA
hoped to become a chartered
engineer, but when I was younger
thank 40 Cdo
WHEN the new head of the
RFA, Cdre Bill Walworth RFA,
we just couldn’t afford it. paid a visit to HMS Raleigh,
“It’s something I never thought
A COUPLE caught up in a road traffi c accident paid a call on the Royal
he presented end-of-course
would happen for me, so to
Marines of 40 Commando to thank them for their help.
certificates to 13 Seamen
receive this honorary certificate
Janet and Robin Hammond’s car crashed after a mechanical failure,
Grade 2s trained at the base.
from IMechE is a lifetime’s goal
but fortunately the Marines were returning from a training exercise with
Among those was SG2 Kyle
finally realised.”
a military ambulance down the same road.
Chapman, whose mother Jayne
Driver Mne Kyle Forbes said: “It looked like a horrific crash and
is also undergoing training
■ THE David Rowden Merit
we were expecting serious casualties so I turned on the blue lights and
Award for maintaining first-
at Raleigh at the Defence
forced my way through the traffic.”
class standards in catering has
Maritime Logistics School.
Capt Marty Adams added: “We took control of the scene and started
been awarded to the catering
The commodore also
taking stock, directing traffic and prioritising the injured.”
department of HMS Illustrious.
met many of the other RFA
One of the unit’s medics, Mne Ryan Shelley, stepped forward to take
personnel training and working
PO Neil Gates and LLogs
care of the casualties: “My training took over, and I looked after everyone
at the Cornish establishment.
Jonathan Barnes accepted
as best I could. I wrapped Mrs Hammond in my smelly sleeping bag that
3/O Anthony Sincock RFA
the award on behalf of their
I’d been sleeping in for a week to keep her warm.”
said: “Cdre Walworth’s visit
department from Baroness
Mrs Hammond commented: “I don’t know how I would have coped
was a great opportunity to
Betty Boothroyd.
without his kindness.” And her husband added: “Everything was
show off the training that new
LLogs Barnes said: “The
whirring around my head and calm only descended when the Royal
entrant seaman and logistics
award was a surprise as we
Marines arrived. They took care of everything so I could worry about
personnel receive at HMS
didn’t know we had been
my wife. It was a huge weight lifted from me.”
entered, but we were proud
The couple visited Norton Manor Camp to thank the Marines
● Catering Assistant (Cook)
to be nominated by our HODs and make a donation to Help for Heroes as a way of showing their
Glenn Hartley RFA cooks up an
(Heads of Department) as it gratitude.
omelette for his new boss
shows their appreciation for
our department’s hard work
throughout a busy year.”
Cornwall, LS Stephen ‘Spud’
Murphy, has been awarded with
the Army Achievement Medal
from the US Army because of his
exceptional service whilst with
the Coalition Military Assistance
Training Team.
His American commander in
★ Academic excellence
Baghdad sought the medal for
him in recognition of his crucial
★ Continuity
work setting up an Iraqi Navy
fast aluminium boat squadron.
His work training and mentoring
★ Firm foundations
the Iraqis has enabled them to
safeguard their own territorial ★ Caring community
Heritage honour
★ Sport for all ■ BRNC cadet, Mid Alexandra
Karavla has won a prestigious
THE heritage area of the RN Sub-
award from the UK Hydrographic
marine School at HMS Raleigh ★ A chance to perform
Office for showing the most
has been dedicated to the memory
improvement, progress and
of WO Coxswain Simon ‘Jim’
potential in coastal navigation Slater, who died in August 2008.
and bridge-watching skills while Jim (pictured above) was instru-
under training at Dartmouth. mental in gathering artefacts for
Mid Karavla, who joins HMS the site, and was awarded the
Cornwall as a young officer this MBE in 2002 in recognition of his
year, said: “I feel really honoured enthusiasm and dynamism.
to have won this award. When I School CO Cdr Rob Dunn said:
first started at BRNC I had no “Jim was an inspirational subma-
navigational experience at all riner who was widely respected
but now I feel totally at home on by all those who were fortunate
the bridge.” enough to know him.”
Open Morning: 19 March 2009 9.30am.
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