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Misses ‘Light side’ Love the new Living Lutheran! Love the new modern look. The graphics and photo layouts are excellent. The articles are timely, well-written, interesting, informative and pull you to read them from beginning to end. I have one problem, however. I miss the cartoon or two, the funny comments, the bulletin misprints, the children’s humor, the jokes, etc. I think it’s wonderful that we Lutherans can laugh at ourselves once in a while. John Ondrejcek Pawleys Island, S.C.

Chaplaincy an option Lutheran pastors as bus drivers, baristas and roller derby announcers puts clergy into the world (April, page 24). I want to emphatically call for pastors to consider Reserve and National Guard military chaplaincy. Chaplains practice word and sacrament ministries with (mostly) young adults in uniform. For pastors willing to consider a call to chaplaincy and congregations ready to extend their ministry, consider National Guard or Reserve chaplaincy. Chaplains are commissioned officers, have access to TRICARE Reserve health-care insurance, earn a supplemental pension—all while providing ministry as an extension of the ELCA. The Rev. Eric Wester ELCA director, federal chaplaincies Washington, D.C.

Where’s the study guide? I read the new magazine cover-to-cover. I see a lot of changes and understand the need for a fresh look. But as an adult Bible study leader/facilitator, I’m dismayed to see no study guide accompanying the cover story for conversation and reflection. I believe those Bible studies helped us to stay abreast of the ELCA and encouraged conversation and faith development. I will also miss the Rev. Peter Marty and wish him well at The Christian Century. Joy S. Burns Davison, Mich.

Greetings from Iceland I look forward to reading Living Lutheran as I always enjoyed The Lutheran from before. You have kept much of the honest and open style of the history of this valuable tool. Since living in Iceland permanently, it is a good way to stay in touch. The Rev. Leonard F. Ashford Jr. Reykjavik, Iceland

Rename death page? I’m one of the “old” pastors still working at age 71. One of my habits is to check the death listing of pastors and leaders in The Lutheran to see who I might know who died. I’m seeing more of my peers who have died, as is the reality that comes with growing old. Now that the magazine is called Living Lutheran, I’m wondering if you might rename the obituary section of the magazine to “Dying Lutheran” for those no longer living Lutheran? It’s just a thought. Chaplain Don Knudson Minneapolis

Cover coincidence My wife and I were just at the waterfall (April cover) on a trip about two weeks ago. It surprised us when we saw the cover photo—what a coincidence! Below is a picture we took of a rainbow we were fortunate to observe when we were in Iceland. Ralph & Maripeg Combs Winchester, Va.

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6 JUNE 2016

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