DWIFA Mortgage & Insurance Services off ers

a full range of business insurances, including key person cover, relevant person cover, and share and partnership protection. Key person cover – for those in a business who

have a direct impact on profi ts. T at could be the owners, sales personnel or those with specialist skills or expertise. Relevant life cover – this is a tax-effi cient life

insurance policy, set up by the employer, that pays out a tax-free lump sum on the death (or diagnosis of a terminal illness) of the person insured. T e proceeds go to the employee’s family or fi nancial dependants. Share and partnership protection - T is helps

business owners keep control of a company should one of them pass away or become seriously ill; it also ensures the deceased’s family are treated fairly. Working with a business to understand their

specifi c needs helps put the necessary protections in place against the impact of serious illness or death. The experienced team cover all queries, whether it’s preparing the quotes, answering technical questions, or underwriting concerns; and can advise through the whole process and make a full recommendation. Chris Peck added: “The most valuable asset

to any business is its people and without them a company’s survival can be at serious risk. We are committed to protecting and supporting small businesses to cover their needs with off ers sourced from a whole-of-market offering. Products are available at the touch of a button online these days, but does everyone take time to study the details? Just because they’re good value, doesn’t mean you have the cover you need – we will ensure that you’re properly protected. “For a number of reasons - remote working, a backlog from lockdown, or whatever - the markets

“It’s been a strange time in the property market,”

said Chris. “But our clients know we go the extra mile for them. A recent example of this was when we were arranging a remortgage for a client. T e lender wanted to value the property without any detailed inspection by a surveyor. We managed to convince them to accept the client’s own photographs of the interior of their home. With our help, he not only got the deal done quickly but we also managed to get the valuation fi gure increased based on these pictures which highlighted the quality of the interior. “Expert advice from specialists who know the

market and understand how lenders operate is invaluable. “T e same can be said for the insurance market,

where there are so many products out there it’s diffi cult to know what’s right for your own particular circumstances.”

Image above Josh Evans, who joined as a Mortgage Adviser earlier this year

are not moving very quickly at the moment, but we were determined from the start that we would not let our service suff er. “Of course, we’re working in diffi cult times but there are solutions

out there and they are all still available if you put the work in for the client. I would say that we have the same workload as a year ago, but that’s partly due to the fact that we are having to spend longer on each client, just to meet their needs properly. “People never like to talk about death and what will happen

to their loved ones, or their businesses, should the worst happen. Coronavirus might have sharpened their thinking on that, but generally it is something we have to impress upon people – they happily insure their home contents or their car, but do they give enough thought to what would happen to their families, their business partners and their employees, if they were to die? It’s not an easy conversation to have, but it is crucial to have the right cover in place to protect those you leave behind.”

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