Any embarrassing moments? One of the worst was when I’d worked quite hard getting ready for six meetings the next day and even though I was due to be in for 6.30am to fi nish setting up the rooms, I went to see my sister the night before and we had a few drinks. Anyway, a bit the worse for wear, I tripped on the lino on the stairs and fell fl at on my face and smashed my nose. My sister had to ring the next morning to say I wouldn’t be in and they had to get two duty managers who were on day off to come in to cover for me. I had four months of ribbing afterwards because of it.

What are you looking forward to in the next 30 years? I’m just always looking out to see if I can improve myself, you never stop learning and it’s been an eye-opener for me, during lockdown, helping out with the F&B side and cleaning jobs. It’s good to be involved in all parts of the hotel, not just focused on the porter side. I’m looking forward to getting the wider hotel back up and running. It’s good that we’re coming back and scary to think that some places won’t reopen. Everyone was a bit worried last year, but we’re getting back to normal now.

All of the team (including David!) are very much

something and we chatted, and he gave me his autograph, which I’ve still got. I remember they had quite a night when they got back from the show, there were people dancing in the fountain. But they said to me that once the show is over and they can relax, then they need their chance to chill out, too.

What’s the most amount of luggage you’ve had to carry? When the coach parties came in was the worst, it used to take us ages to get all the cases to the room. Now we have luggage trollies that make it a lot easier but there was a time when we had a sack barrow. Once, I managed to get six or eight cases up to a room, one under my arm, the rest in the barrow and when I got them there, the guests weren’t happy with their room and wanted to move, so I had to start all over again.

What are the memorable changes you have seen at the hotel in your time? The recent refurbishment is the big one. When Stakis took over they updated certain things, so did Hilton, but although they always talked about big changes, they never really happened. Then Holiday Inn came in I thought the same thing, but how wrong I was. Over the years we’ve gone from 78 rooms to 105, and now 110. And there’s nothing left of the reception area as it was, it looks fantastic now and I do admire Holiday Inn for what they have done. And I’m not just saying that because I work here!


looking forward to welcoming guests back to the hotel. T e 110-room hotel has been fully refurbished during lockdown, with lovely outside seating areas and great conference and event facilities. T ere’s also 3D Leisure, which off ers great gym, pool and spa facilities, and a lovely open lobby - the perfect place to unwind!

Holiday Inn Corby will be fully open from May 17. Call 01536 401020 or visit

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