research and development, markets to operate in, products and services to develop. It becomes proprietary market intelligence that adds value to your operations.

And why is now so important? T e pandemic halted us all for a while. What has come from this crisis is a focus on well-being, community spirit, and the need to feel close to people after having been kept apart for so long. Not necessarily in the physical sense, but close communication is coveted. People are more appreciative than ever before when others show they care, when they are being listened to and understood. Companies that have gone out of their way to show kindness and altruism to their customers in these recent hardships have earned brand loyalty many times over that which they would have achieved in ‘normal’ times.

So, what’s stopping you? You know you should ‘do’ marketing, you possibly have some really great ideas – so why is it not happening? T e obstacles will generally come in any one of

three guises; resources, reserves or risk. - Resources: You either don’t have the right people to do the job in-house or they are too busy doing other things. T is is where an outsourced agency acting as part of your team can help. - Reserves: Cashfl ow is tight but you know you need to spend on marketing before you see a return on investment. Perhaps you have had someone in the offi ce doing ‘bits’ of marketing in the past without needing extra budget for this, but you now

realise you need to be doing B2B marketing properly. - Risk: You’ve either never done marketing actively before or you have but have had a negative experience. It is a leap of faith. T ere is sadly no magic formula, and you won’t always know or be able to predict results before you commit.

But whichever of the above apply, doing nothing is not an option. T e companies who are communicating well are taking your market by force - and we know that share of voice (i.e. how well you communi- cate) equates to share of market.

What next? My advice is to engage with a reputable agency that specialises in B2B marketing. Talk to them about what you want to achieve, the budget you have available and tell them your concerns. A good agency will work with you to formulate a strategic plan

that is designed specifi cally for your business, aligning your marketing activity to your fi nancial goals, ensuring marketing productivity, and measuring return on investment. An agency will off er you a broad skill set such as strategists, researchers,

designers, copywriters, digital experts, and more, that you simply will not fi nd - or at least not to the same standard - in one hired individual. You also pay for what you need without taking on an additional salary and more overheads. Take a look at this webinar I did for the Bedfordshire Chamber of

Commerce during lockdown (, which is all about selecting the right agency and avoiding the pitfalls. Alternatively give me a call. I’d be happy to off er you advice or talk through your marketing challenges (after all, it’s all about communication, as I’ve said above!). B2B is complex– but at bcm Agency, we work with our clients to simplify the complicated.

View the webinar using the QR Code above

Find out more at or email or call 01727 226202 or 07788 537567


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