Business buyouts are nothing new, but in today’s economic climate, the growing trend for smaller business acquisitions appears to be growing. While this is not directly attributed to the fall-

out from COVID, the pandemic is likely to have contributed to this trend. With furlough schemes, decreased demand and growing health and safety requirements to contend with, it isn’t a shock that a number of business owners are taking the opportunity to cash in. This has allowed them to take a break from the demands of running a business during a very challenging period, but where does it leave the customer? In the waste and recycling sector, personal

service is everything. With fewer and fewer independent waste collection businesses on the scene, however, there is a danger that customers can feel very disconnected. Unfortunately, this broad-brush approach can be inevitable with some large organisations. It is for this reason that fi nding a more localised provider who has a real affi liation to a given location can make a huge diff erence to the service you receive. At Cawleys, we are one of the only independent

recycling and waste management providers in the area. What’s more, we are a mid-sized family business that has been in operation for several generations. So why does this matter, and what does this mean for our customers? Firstly, customers have the benefi t of dealing

with people they know. Many of our team members have been with the business for over 10 years, they have a working relationship with our clients and genuinely care about them. Spring and summer this year saw many of our customers close their

Flexible, friendly, focused. Family businesses have a lot to offer

From left to right Anna Cawley Director of

Customer Service –

Jon Cawley Chairman

premises or reduce their business volumes. During this time, we received amazing feedback, not only our ability to adjust or suspend waste collections, but also praising our team’s empathy and kindness in some very diffi cult scenarios. Our relationships are built on trust and a mutual respect.

Given this, it is vital that the service we off er is regular and reliable. Maintaining a great fl eet of collection vehicles is a must – we don’t want to let any of our customers down. Each and every one of our clients is as important as the next and this shines through in the service we off er. Secondly, smaller established businesses know their locations

inside out. We work here and we live here, and we have a great understanding and affinity with the particular challenges or advantages offered by this location. We are also customers of our clients, we know their businesses, their brands, how they are regarded in the community and the specifi cs of the areas in which they operate – something that is worth its weight in gold from a supplier. T irdly, being independent allows us to quickly expand or adapt

our service base to meet to the needs of our customers. Just because a business isn’t countrywide, doesn’t mean it can’t cover all the bases. At Cawleys, we off er everything from commodity recycling, general waste collection and van clearance services, to hazardous waste clean-ups, confi dential shredding, coff ee cup collection, food and glass collections, tankering services, sewage collections and bio-demisting. We are a true one-stop shop for every waste requirement. And lastly… we understand how important

environmental factors are to our clients. We are lucky to live and work in an innovative forward-thinking part of the UK that prides itself on its eco-friendly credentials including its large quantity of electric car points, electric scooter hire scheme and quirky delivery robots. In line with this we want to help local business dispose of their waste in a sustainable manner. All of the waste we collect is recycled to its maximum potential and our local depots ensure that freight millage is kept to a minimum keeping carbon emissions low. In conclusion, when you consider all of this, the

advantages of working with a family run independent speak for themselves and we challenge you to keep it local and enjoy the benefi ts for yourself.

To discover more get in touch with the team at Cawleys on 0845 260 2000 or visit


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