Swanbourne House School

Swanbourne House School knows that the arts can play a central role in shaping personal, social, cultural and creative identity. Learning through performance and expression at Swanbourne allows children to cultivate their passions and talents as well as providing limitless opportunities for sharing thoughts and feelings. All children in Year 3 and above have a 60-min-

ute drama lesson and a 60-minute music lesson every week. Each half-term drama has a theme and children will participate in a range of activities in- cluding games and warm-up exercises; improvised, devised and scripted tasks; dance; singing; mime and directing. Drama and music at Swanbourne helps children make sense of the world, providing an opportunity for pupils to explore the world of people from other times, places and cultures and to examine diff erences and similarities within their own environment. T e school productions represent an extraor-

dinary opportunity for pupils to be involved in large-scale shows with professional set design, lighting and sound. Giving opportunities to perform and helping develop a life-long love of music and drama is something the school is passionate about providing to every child.

The show must go on

In March, 60 children from the Middle/Upper School gave three

performances of the classic musical Grease. T e show should have been held several days later but COVID-19 and physical school closure forced the School to either pull the show forward or cancel altogether. T e Performing Arts team adjusted the plan and created a schedule to ensure the performance could be delivered early to the same high standard. Having rehearsed for eight hours of their Sunday, the cast and pro-

duction team delivered a performance on a hugely complicated set they had used twice, negotiated several quick costume changes with clothes labelled and given to them just that day, and worked confi dent- ly with radio mics – many of them for the fi rst time. T ere was no full run-through with performance conditions, to get used to the props and have a rehearsal with the live band. T e whole crew embodied what the school calls T e Swanbourne Spirit – resilience, team-work, calmness, confi- dence and professionalism. For many of them, it was their fi nal evening at Swanbourne House. As lockdown measures eased but social distancing restrictions were still in place in the summer, drama scholars in the Upper School came together to put on a devised performance titled Lockdown 2020. T is creative and innovative drama piece, built on the years of Swanbourne nurturing talents for dra- ma, was an expressive and authentic performance feeling almost cathartic for the children, express- ing their feelings in unprecedented times. You can see more on the Swanbourne website news page.1 Find out more about Drama and Music at Swanbourne House School at

– 1

Swanbourne House School is holding an Open Morning on Friday December 4. – To book a place, email or call 01296 720264.

Swanbourne House is a co-educational day and boarding Prep School (age 3-13) set in 55 acres of Bucks countryside, just 20 minutes from Central Milton Keynes. –

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