Collaborate MK

Collaboration, mindfulness and passion

Tim Lee of Collaborate MK talks about what drives him to succeed in an interview with Jono Poon. T e interview was fi lmed by Penrose Creates at the Peace Pagoda at Willen Lake Milton Keynes

Tell us about this project you’ve been working on over the past few months. Well, it’s an exciting, if somewhat hectic period. I’ve been working hard, introducing Collaborate MK into the Milton Keynes business commu- nity. It’s been quite astonishing. In just a few weeks, we’ve gone from a standing start to a business community of over 100 members.

Wow! That’s some start! How come Collaborate MK has taken off so quickly? It’s no big secret, really. I’ve spent years building up relationships with all kinds of connections across MK … and this is the result.

So, for a business networking group, what makes Collaborate MK different? I guess it’s the opportunities for members to benefi t from the training and development knowledge that is provided by other members of the group.

What leadership style do you use with Collaborate MK? Really for me it’s a question of working hard, setting standards from the start and leading by example, with a relaxed and transparent approach. Just being authentic, really. Why change who you are? Just be yourself.

You seem pretty self-aware. How much of a role does this play in your approach? Quite a bit. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut. It’s vital to take time out and refl ect on how the day went – how could it have gone better – what to change the next time around.

Tell us about your

vision for Collaborate MK? T at’s an easy question. We’re aiming for a business community of 250 to 300 members – with regular virtual networking and large venue face-to-face meetings too hopefully in the late spring 2021

What drives you Tim? I just love to see business interactions working as they should – to witness my principles of community and collaboration in business bearing fruit.

18 ALL THINGS BUSINESS What about timing?

Why start Collaborate MK now? As lockdown started, I was struck by the mutually supportive nature of MK businesses. It was clear that MK has something special. My job was to kick-start it.

Tension and stress are all around right now. How should businesses be handling it? Time management is the key. Blocking out time or specifi c tasks. Creating a routine and sticking to it.

Is this linked to emotional well-being? Very much so. It’s so important to take time out every day, if possible, to get outside, into nature. It’s your best connection for keeping grounded. Being stuck behind a desk all day is not good. We all need to get out there, enjoy what nature has to off er and then get back to work refreshed and re-inspired.

Last of all Tim – what’s your advice for those with a business idea? If you have a passion to pursue something that you want to do, that’s great – follow it. But passion alone isn’t enough. You need stickability. You need a plan – and you need support. And support is exactly what Collaborate MK is all about.

Contact Tim Lee at Collaborate MK on 07786 527845, email or visit

Contact Jono Poon at Jono Poon Digital on 07834 065639, email or visit

Contact Bee Penrose at Penrose Creates on 07480 840288, email or visit

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