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Virtual events are here to stay

Virtual Events have been the hot topic of conversation in 2020. Conferences, networking events, awards nights and company communications have needed reinventing since the introduction of COVID-related restrictions. Many were postponed and some cancelled in the hope and expectation of a return to live, but with restrictions on us now likely to run well into 2021 the choice seems simple for now: Go Virtual. So, what is the best way to ensure an engaging, dynamic, and

seamless event? T e Giggabox team have produced more than 50 virtual events since April this year alone. Building upon over 10 years of live streaming experience, they have delivered everything from one-hour corporate communications events for 60 attendees, to global conferences over several days and with multiple contributors in 55 countries, all done fully remotely. Giggabox CEO, Paul Musselle said: “For those willing to invest a little

time in creative thinking, and in selecting a production partner with the right expertise and proven delivery record, there’s a great opportunity to stand out from the crowd and steal a march on your competition. “Start with what you want the event, conference or meeting to

achieve, that will help create a focus. From there, you can work on your agenda and then talk to your production partner about how best to deliver an entertaining watch. T ink TV broadcasting rather than event. Remember, your audience will be sat in front of a screen, so you have to deliver an engaging watch.” Project Manager, Claire Heath added: “Once you’ve decided on what

you want your event to achieve, set your agenda. If it is your fi rst virtual event, cut the timings at least in half. Some sessions will deserve even less. Keep your agenda punchy and schedule plenty of variety. Build in things like exhibitions, networking, and gamifi cation; mix it up with panels and

debate, polls, and lots of Q&A. It all helps to keep things moving and your attendee interested and engaged.” “T e biggest thing that has surprised our clients

as they have transitioned from live to the virtual world is the amount of planning time needed,” continued Paul. “And it’s often the speakers and presenters who need the support. We developed a process by which they would be made to feel comfortable and supported. T at way, they deliver their content in a much more eff ective way, meaning a better experience for the event attendee, too.” Paul has gained vast experience over 25 years

as a producer and presenter in TV with the BBC, ITV and Sky Sports. Knowledge and understanding he has been able to bring to the innovative way Giggabox produce virtual events. “We approach each event as a broadcast. We

analyse each element of content with our clients and look for ways to draw the audience in using proven broadcast techniques,” he said. The Giggabox team are passionate about delivering great digital experiences, and there is no doubt that virtual events are here to stay. And Giggabox are now looking to the next phase: hybrid events, when the real and the virtual worlds will be combined. T at’s going to present a whole diff erent set of challenges and opportunities, but the team is ready for that challenge and for whatever else comes along!

If you are planning to deliver a virtual event, small or large, get in touch with Giggabox by emailing or calling 01280 735050 or at



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