and customisable lighting, giving event organisers the ability to quickly set and adjust levels to suit the demands of the event. An exciting range of food options, including

the Mediterranean-inspired Olive Restaurant and the informal Cedar Bar, have also been created. Providing a modern twist on the traditional servery, the new Food Market provides a variety of international street food dishes. T e recently refurbished Willows Training Centre is a comfortable, fl exible training space, designed with learning in mind, for a consistent training experience. Off ering self-service options and freedom to relax, it boasts a laid-back games loft and buff et restaurant. It has been refurbished to meet the current and future needs of learning and development professionals, and those being trained, with a comprehensive restyling of its interiors. T e result is a comfortable, fl exible space, designed with the trainer and delegate in mind, off ering self-service options and freedom to relax. Under the refurbishment programme, the

venue’s 12 meeting rooms have been upgraded, an additional meeting room has been created, including a sophisticated new boardroom for up to 24 delegates, as well as a creative space, Willows Parkway, which has been designed like a London tube station. T e refurbishment has focused on creating light, open spaces that offer extensive easy-to-use technology and comfort with fun social areas, workstations and working areas suited to downtime with plenty of power points and wireless connectivity.

T e public areas, reception, bar, restaurant and many of the venue’s

183 en suite bedrooms have also been upgraded. T e Cricket Kitchen, a self-service buff et restaurant, provides a

bright open space with the added fl exibility of a moving wall to provide clients with more options or added privacy. T is is complemented by a newly created al fresco area and an easy self-service Pit Stop by Paddy & Scott’s Cafes. Coffee artisans Paddy & Scott’s fuelling stations, available at

multiple locations and kiosks across Wyboston Lakes Resort, ensure delegates and guests are fully energised throughout the day. In addition to serving high-quality coff ee, the main fuelling station off ers a wide range of drinks, pastries and snacks. 2Gb of high-speed internet is off ered across the site and in all

facilities, ensuring delegates receive bandwidth, with no passwords or limitations, completely free of charge. Managing Director, Steve Jones, said: “Our research into trends

in dedicated conference, training and events venues took us across several continents. T is investment into both venues will ensure we remain top choice for the many blue-chip companies we work with. We’re delighted with their response to what we have created.” On-site leisure facilities are comprehensive and include a full health

and leisure club and an 18-hole golf course. T e site also plays host to Ride Leisure, outdoor teambuilding and experience-led operators. Sustainability is something the business is committed to, and it

is engrained in everything it does. T e team has created a culture of conscience and their slogan is quite simply: ‘More Sustainable, No Apology’ - meaning they are committed to making decisions which aren’t the norm but will help them be more sustainable. Wyboston Lakes Resort has aligned its own sustainability goals around the United Nations Good Life Goals and their own cultural aspirations for a hopeful future for all.

Wyboston Lakes Resort can be contacted on 0333 7007 666 or at ALL THINGS BUSINESS 7

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