“I think they are symbiotic. Desks were originally necessary because

the tools we used, telephones, typewriters, etc, were anchored to one point. Desks are becoming less powerful because technology gives us the freedom to move around. T e only restriction is in our minds, the way we think about a workspace. “We wanted to produce a toolkit of products that could fi t into any

space and give workers somewhere that was open and collaborative but where there was a comfortable space to take themselves away when they need to.” Speaking to Nathan and Mark, it seems their vision is to move the

offi ce to something more like a hub, where people come together in ways they can’t do from home. It’ll be somewhere they want to visit, not have to visit, and when there’s a mix of home and offi ce working, On the QT facilitates that required connection. Nathan added: “We use expert research to carefully consider the functionality of our furniture – technology, acoustics, comfort and the psychological eff ects of the space – how it makes the user feel. “Everything is for a reason. So, we added the Kink, which is part of

the ergonomic design of the booth, and that not only defl ects sound waves in the right direction, so you don’t get bounce-back, but it also

creates just enough extra leg room to make sitting in there for a one or two-hour meeting so much more pleasant. Similarly, we looked at things like the thickness of the glass, so that it is private but still allows excellent wifi connectivity. “As we move away from traditional offi ce spaces,

human beings have to be at the heart of that. From now on, the action is not going to be focused on each workstation but is going on all around – offi ces will no longer be purely enclosed, or purely open plan, but will break down barriers and provide a space that suits all users.” Talking to Nathan and Mark confirmed our thinking that the process has gone from what was maybe termed ‘fl exible offi ces’ into something that is more like an ‘evolved offi ce’. At ACS we have termed this ‘Beyond Flexible’.

To fi nd out more, contact ACS on 01604 704000, email or visit



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