Food, glass,

packaging, coffee cups, coffee grounds?

Hurrah! Summer is on the horizon and the time has fi nally arrived for hospitality to reopen. T ere is no doubt that there is a lot to celebrate but does this reopening in itself present us with a new opportunity to do things better for both your business and the planet? At Cawleys we believe it does. T e pandemic and the resulting

lockdowns left us all with lots of time to consider what’s really important both to ourselves individually and the world in which we live and the people around us. With so much time to kill and not much else to do, other than take walks around our local areas, we’ve also spent far more time than usual out and about in nature. All of this combined has created a desire to ‘build back better’, showing more consideration for our local environment and the planet. As a hospitality business, this hits home hard. More customers than ever expect the organisations they interact with to have strong green credentials and, with so many in the hospitality businesses competing to stay afl oat, having a strong ethical and economical standpoint can help you win big on brownie points. If you’re thinking this is all well and good, but you have no idea how

to start, why not consider recycling? Yes, you may already be recycling the occasional bag but it’s easier than you think to go further, much further, and it may even create signifi cant cost savings. Whilst all businesses need to pay for waste collections, those in the

hospitality sector are perhaps one of the hardest hit by this overhead. T e nature of the industry means that heavy waste types such as food, glass and coff ee grounds can really add weight and cost to collections. By simply removing these items from the general waste and using separate recycling collection services, costs can be considerably reduced. What’s more, segregated items such as food waste can be directed straight to anaerobic digestion ensuring more effective recycling which is a win for your business and for the planet. Food and glass are not the only types of waste that can be more

eff ectively recycled when segregated. Coff ee cups and coff ee grounds are another great example. Due to COVID, take-away, disposable coff ee cups are now being used more than ever, but they are notoriously tricky to recycle. By collecting them separately and arranging a specifi c collection, these cups can be taken directly to the appropriate facility to be broken down for second-life use. With the popularity of coff ee, collecting the used grounds can also be a great way to recycle. T ese can be turned into usable items such as BioBean’s coff ee logs. Vegware, a brand of compostable single use food packaging,

is another waste stream that will benefi t from segregation. In fact, Vegware recycling only becomes eff ective when it is collected and transported to a designated composting facility.

ALL THINGS BUSINESS As well as being Vegware’s dedicated waste

collection partner for the local area, Cawleys are also able to offer segregated collections for all manner of waste streams including coff ee cups, coff ee grounds, food, glass, plastic, card, cans and much more. So, what are waiting for? Now is the perfect time

to start recycling more and we can help you do just that.

Contact 0845 260 2000 or visit for more information or to book a free waste audit


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