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19.5 Boats including material in their hull appendages with specific gravity greater than 11.3, and with age date of 2005 or earlier, and holding a valid IRC certificate on 31 December 2005 are exempt from Rule 19.4. Apart from routine maintenance, any such boat changing the quantity of material of specific gravity greater than 11.3 shall comply with Rule 19.4 and will not subsequently be eligible for exemption from compliance with Rule 19.4.

19.6 Any material in the keel fin of a keel type 10, 11 or 12 with a specific gravity greater than 8.0 (e.g. lead) shall be declared in writing.


20.1 Boats will be rated with either: 20.1.1 No engine. 20.1.2 Outboard engine (i.e. an engine where the propeller may be removed from the water while racing).

20.1.3 Inboard engine, including strut drive and stern-drive configurations. Propeller type shall be declared at the time of rating application.

20.2 Inboard engines shall be capable of producing a minimum speed of 1.8*LWP^0.5 knots. Outboard engines shall be securely fastened in their normal stowage positions for racing.


21.1 General 21.1.1 Single and twin masted rigs only may be rated under IRC. 21.1.2 ‘Cat’ rig is defined as a rig where no sails are set forward of the mast(s) when sailing to windward.

21.1.3 ‘Gaff’ rig includes square, spritsail and other similar rig configurations.

21.1.4 Mizzen staysails shall be declared. 21.1.5 There is no limitation on the number or type of sails on board while racing under IRC except: (a) the limitation on spinnaker numbers (see Rule 21.6.1). (b) the limitation on sails containing exotic materials (see Rule 21.4).

(c) the limitation on headsail numbers for boats rated with a single furling headsail. Except in the cases of significant damage or storm and heavy weather sails, boats claiming a rating allowance for using a single roller furling headsail shall use the same headsail for all races in any series of races (see Rule 21.8.1).

(d) during a regatta run on consecutive days, including any lay days, the sails on board shall remain the same and be on board for all races. This Rule may be amended by Notice of Race.

(e) a spare mainsail may be on board but may not be used as a racing replacement, either during a race or during a regatta run on consecutive days, including any lay days. This Rule may be amended by Notice of Race.

(f) exceptionally, in the case of significant damage or loss, sails may be replaced with similar sails. A Notice of Race may require that boats obtain permission from the Race Committee before replacing a sail. This Rule may be amended by Notice of Race.

(g) sails shall be set in close proximity to the boat. (h) sails with detachable sections of sailcloth are not permitted.

21.1.6 (a) Adjustment or detachment of forestay and/or shrouds including diagonal and jumper shrouds, or movement of the mast at the foot or the deck while racing is not permitted except: (i) in the case of a boat without running backstays, checkstays or adjustable backstay when the forestay may be adjusted but not detached.

(ii) in the case of boats with LH less than 10m and without lifelines that are explicitly permitted by their own class rules to move the mast at foot or deck level, or to adjust or detach the forestay and shrouds while racing. (iii) as permitted by Rule 21.1.6 (b).

(b) A boat fitted with or carrying on board systems, to adjust the forestay or the mast foot while racing shall declare this to the Rating Authority. Locked conventional turnbuckles need not be declared. Unless the boat declares that such systems will not be used while racing, the boat may then adjust the forestay and the mast foot vertically and/or longitudinally while racing, but shall not detach the forestay.

21.2 Rig Factor 21.2.1 Rig factor (RF) is a calculation by the Rating Authority to evaluate the rig and sail features of the boat and their character and efficiency when compared to a basic cruising configuration with substantial spars and basic rig controls.

21.2.2 RF above unity may be applied for: fractional, racing and lightweight rigs, high aspect ratio and efficient plan forms, wing and double luff sails, specialised sail stiffening, large headboards/cranes, permanently bent or highly controllable spars, high-tech rigging, exotic rig materials, advanced winch and deck gear arrangements, flush/efficient deck design, and any other feature which increases sailing efficiency that is not already rated through the rated dimensions.

21.2.3 RF below unity may be applied to less efficient rigs and sail plans, cruising furling sails, motor sailers with large deck houses, cruisers with weight/windage aloft or with basic deck gear only, or any other feature which reduces sailing efficiency that is not already rated through the rated dimensions.

21.2.4 Full rig details shall be supplied at the time of rating application. The Rating Authority reserves the right to apply a high rig factor until full detail is supplied.

21.3 Sheeting of Sails, Sail Definitions, Bowsprits and Spinnaker Poles 21.3.1 No headsail or spinnaker may be sheeted from more than one point on the sail.

21.3.2 All sails shall be set and sheeted in accordance with RRS 50, Setting and Sheeting Sails, with the following additions:

21.3.3 RRS 50.3(a) is amended to the extent that a spinnaker or a headsail may be tacked to a bowsprit.

21.3.4 Spare. 21.3.5 Boats will be rated according to whether they use a spinnaker pole and/or a bowsprit according to the following configurations: (a) No spinnaker pole (spinnaker tacked on deck) or a centreline bowsprit only.

(b) An articulating bowsprit only. (c) A spinnaker pole or poles either with or without a bowsprit.

21.4 Sailcloth 21.4.1 Sailcloth containing exotic materials (at present none) will carry an additional rating tax.

21.4.2 Sailcloth containing exotic materials shall be declared on initial application for rating, revalidation, or when amending a boat’s sail inventory.

21.4.3 Only specific sails containing exotic materials which have been declared and noted on a boat’s certificate may be used while racing under IRC.

21.5 Mainsails 21.5.1 The following shall be declared: MUW, MTW, MHW. 21.5.2 MUW, MTW and MHW will be shown on the boat’s certificate as the maximum permitted values.

21.6 Spinnakers 21.6.1 Boats carrying more than three spinnakers in total on board while racing will incur an increase in rating.

21.6.2 Spinnaker area (SPA) shall be calculated from: SPA = ((SLU + SLE)/2) * ((SFL + (4 * SHW))/5) * 0.83 SLU, SLE, SFL and SHW of the largest area spinnaker on board shall be declared. The calculated area of this spinnaker will be shown on a boat’s certificate as the maximum permitted SPA.

21.7 Headsails 21.7.1 Headsail area (HSA) shall be calculated from: HSA = 0.0625*HLU*(4*HLP + 6*HHW + 3*HTW + 2*HUW + 0.09)

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