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11.3 Where a Rule Authority has made a Prescription to a Rule, a Notice of Race shall not vary that Rule or Prescription without the permission of the Rule Authority. Rule Authority Prescriptions shall be referenced in a Notice of Race.


12.1 Measurements shall be taken in units of the metric system. Sail measurements shall be taken in metres to two decimal places. All other linear measurements shall be taken in metres to three decimal places and rounded to two decimal places for input. Weight shall be taken to the nearest kilogram except in the case of boat weight which shall be to the nearest 10 kilograms. Normal mathematical conventions shall apply, with 0.5 rounding up. Full calculated values will be carried forward to subsequent calculations. Final ratings shall be rounded to three decimal places.

12.2 The IRC rating is calculated as a Time Corrector (TCC) to three places of decimals. Corrected time for each boat is calculated by multiplying its elapsed time by its TCC. Corrected times shall be rounded to the nearest second with 0.5 seconds rounding up.


13.1 Measurement data shall be obtained by direct measurement or derived from another rating certificate, whenever possible. If another rating certificate is being used as the basis for data then any changes since the issue of that certificate shall be notified to the Rating Authority.

13.2 Measurements shall be taken in accordance with ERS Part 3 – Rules Governing Equipment Control and Inspection. ERS H.5.4 is amended by the addition of: The batten specified in ERS H.5.4. shall be a standard 1m World Sailing blue batten. If an alternative length batten is required to achieve a consistent and repeatable measurement, the measurer shall use a batten of consistent bend characteristics and of a length not longer than the greater of 1m or 25% of foot length. If a batten longer than 1m is used, the measurer shall report the batten length and the reason for using the alternative batten to the Rating Authority.

13.3 The accuracy of measurements supplied shall be the owner’s responsibility. An IRC measurement service is available on application to a boat’s Rule Authority.

13.4 It is a breach of the Rules of IRC for any owner or individual to intentionally supply false information. Attention is drawn to Rule 8.7 and to RRS 69, Allegations of Gross Misconduct.

13.5 The Rating Authority will use the data supplied by a Rule Authority as a basis for rating but reserves the right to overrule specific data or to standardise the dimensions of a class of production boats.

13.6 The Rating Authority or a boat’s Rule Authority may require a boat to be submitted for measurement at any time without giving reasons. Measurement will be undertaken by authorised measurers of the Rating Authority. A new certificate will be issued by the Rating Authority based on the new measurement data.

13.7 In the particular case of a boat issued with a one-design certificate, as noted on the certificate, the rating requires compliance with one-design class rules. In the event of conflict, IRC Rules shall take precedence. See also Rule 22.4.1.


14.1 Each boat shall hold a sail number as prescribed by its Member National Authority. Sail numbers shall be displayed in accordance with RRS 77, Identification on Sails. This Rule may be amended by Notice of Race.


15.1 RRS 52, Manual Power, shall not apply. This Rule may be amended by Notice of Race.

15.2 (a)

The use of stored power for the hoisting of mainsails, or the reefing or furling of sails need not be declared.


16 ADVERTISING 16.1 Advertising may be displayed in accordance with World Sailing Regulation 20, Advertising Code.


17.1 Boat weight is measured in accordance with the following Conditions for Weight and Flotation Measurement: The boat shall: be dry.

be in compliance with the class rules (ie. IRC Rules).

Unless otherwise specified in the Rules, any of the following shall be included: rig including spinnaker pole(s), whisker poles and/or jockey pole, main sheet and mizzen sheet, vang, inboard engine or outboard engine in stowed position, fitted berth cushions on board in their normal positions if fitted while racing, all permanent fixtures and fittings and items of accommodation.

Unless otherwise specified in the Rules, any of the following shall be excluded: sails,

fuel, water, variable ballast or the content of any other tanks, gas bottles,

portable safety equipment, and all other unfitted or loose equipment.

17.2 Spare. 17.3 When for practical reasons it is not possible to remove all items and equipment (e.g. fuel), it is acceptable to deduct the weight of these from the gross weight. The Rating Authority reserves the right to refuse such data when inadequate detail is supplied.

17.4 The Rating Authority will calculate the boat weight of an un-weighed boat based on information contained on another rating certificate, designer data or from any other source.

17.5 In the absence of other information, boat weight may be calculated by deduction of the items detailed by Rule 17.1 from a boat’s sailing displacement or sailing weight.


18.1 Measurements shall be taken with the boat in flotation trim. The measurement points for various configurations of boats are shown on the diagrams for hull shapes and are defined in Appendix 1.


19.1 Full details of a boat’s hull appendages shall be supplied to the Rating Authority at the time of rating application.

19.2 Any keel fin fairings with a nominal density, including any cavities and/ or core material, significantly lower than the main structural elements of the keel fin shall be declared. For the purpose of this Rule, a keel fin fairing does not include surface fairing, filling and painting materials up to a total thickness of 10 mm, measured normal to the local surface of the keel fin.

19.3 Drop keels, centreboards, bilgeboards and other moveable hull appendages shall be declared. Unless fixed down while racing, drop keels will be rated as moveable hull appendages.

19.4 In the construction of hull appendages, no material with specific gravity greater than 11.3 is permitted.

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(b) (c)

Boats using stored power solely for the adjustment or operation of backstays shall declare this to the Rating Authority.

Boats using stored power for the adjustment or operation of running rigging other than as noted in Rules 15.2(a) & (b) shall declare this to the Rating Authority.

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