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FESPA Preview

co-located events; European Sign Expo and Printeriors? A If garment decorators are looking to diversify into other

Q Would garment decorators benefit from a visit to the

textile applications then a visit to both European Sign Expo and Printeriors is definitely worth a visit as applications such as soft signage and home furnishings will be on display. Visitors to Printeriors will also be able to see the latest trends within interior décor which can translate into garment decoration.

Q Are there any new features at this year’s show that our A Following feedback we have simplified our educational

readers should be made aware of?

features for FESPA 2017, which will take the format of one seminar hub consisting of seminars, panel discussions and technology showcases covering screen, digital and textile printing, as well as signage. These sessions will allow like-minded professionals to gain access to and discuss, a mix of technical and business knowledge based sessions, ensuring they leave with the tools to help take their business to the next level.

Q What can a garment decorator expect to take away with A At FESPA 2017 there will be over 150 exhibitors involved

them from their visit?

with garment decoration. These exhibitors, combined with a host of other textile manufacturers and our show seminars will provide visitors with the inspiration to dare to take their business further. We hope that visitors leave FESPA 2017 with the inspiration and motivation to expand their businessʼ potential.

Q Are there any new exhibitors that garment decorators A New exhibitors involved in textile printing and garment

should pay a visit to?

● Diferro Makina – a Turkish manufacturer of transfer printing machines.

decoration at FESPA 2017 include:

● Esatex – a supplier of ink jet plotters for sublimation printing. ● Ghost – a manufacturer of a white toner printer. ● Guangzhou Zaneeta Import Export Co – a producer of sublimation blanks.

● Karl Gröner – a supplier of screen printing and DTG printing equipment.

● KTK – a Portuguese manufacturer of screen printing equipment.

● Lampe textiles – the manufacturer of Squid, a new self-adhesive, transparent, woven fabric that can be applied directly on to windows or walls.

● Pass Digital Printing Technologies Foreign Trade Co. – a supplier of digital printing machines.

● Seripress – a manufacturer of heat transfers.

● Sifamir – a manufacturer of screen printing and textile printing machinery.

● Sublimet – a supplier of sublimation blanks. ● Tal & Qual – a supplier and manufacturer of transfer products. ● Thermotron – a manufacturer of automatic packing machines and heat presses.

● Uras Kimya – a producer of textile inks.

Q How would you describe the garment decoration industry at A In our last Print Census, which garnered the feedback of

the moment?

over 1,200 industry professionals worldwide, textile proved to be the dominant growth application among respondents. 27% are already involved in garment printing, with 81% seeing growth in this segment – the highest of any growth application. Clearly this is an exciting and vibrant market and FESPA 2017 will be a pivotal source of inspiration for those already involved in as well as those considering it as a growth area to diversify into. Where garment decoration is concerned we typically see individuals with an interest in two areas at FESPA; those who intrinsically understand fabrics and need to gain a deeper technical understanding in terms of production techniques, and those who are technically savvy but want to advance their knowledge in the creative use of textiles. FESPA 2017 will cater to both and we hope visitors will leave full of ideas to put into practice.

Q And finally, what do you think will be the highlights of this A I think textile as a whole will be a highlight of FESPA 2017.

year’s show?

● Mister Transfer – an online textile transfer specialist. ● Mountek – a supplier of embroidery machines, software and accessories.

As weʼve witnessed over the last few years, textile has been one of the main growth trends and I donʼt see this changing due to the developments in digital textile technology and the wealth of application possibilities.

Our range of textile seminars, led by experts in the field will inspire visitors to diversify into textile or to dare to take their existing business further. Printeriors is definitely worth a visit for textile professionals to see how they can diversify into printed interior décor applications such as curtains, cushions, bed linen and much more.

For examples of how other print service providers have succeeded, visitors can also check out the showcase of the FESPA Awards shortlisted entries. We have three categories dedicated to textile in this yearʼs Awards: Special effects on T shirts, garments and other textiles; T shirts and other garments; and Roll-to-roll printed textile. Visitors can take inspiration from these projects and apply to their existing business offering.

From exhibitors covering screen and digital textile print to seminars and application examples, at FESPA 2017 there will be an abundance of technology and examples for visitors to discover to help them dare to print different.

● For more information on FESPA 2017 and to register to attend visit For free entry use code: FESM718 May 2017 | 55 |

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