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Machinery News

New generation of CAMM-1 professional vinyl cutters from Roland


oland DG has announced the launch of the GR- 640/540/420 professional vinyl cutters, the latest additions to its CAMM-1 series.

The GR series has been completely redesigned from the ground up to deliver accuracy, speed, media versatility and additional state-of-the-art cutting features. The new ergonomic L-shaped design of the integrated stand and machine provides the stability required to ensure precision cutting even at high speed. The redesigned cutting carriage, blade holder and other core mechanisms enable the

machines to achieve a maximum cutting speed of 1,485mm/s and up to 600g of downforce for cutting through difficult media with a single pass. Models are available in 1,651mm, 1,397mm and 1,075mm cutting widths to allow users to pair them with the inkjet printers they are currently using. To meet the variety of applications and materials required by todayʼs cutting industry, the GR series is equipped with


electronic pinch rollers that can adjust the pressure to 10 pre-set levels at the touch of a button for smooth feeding of any media thickness. The overlap cutting function allows for up to 10 times overlap cutting for difficult-to-cut substrates. The intuitive overcut function emulates the results from a tangential cutter and delivers sharp, clean corners on challenging media. The cutters are capable of reading crop marks on pre-printed data to accurately align graphics. The bundled Roland CutStudio features a perforating cutting function that is

convenient for making die-cut effect stickers and decals, and a cut-by-colour function that is useful when outputting designs with multiple coloured sheets. A new function automatically creates weed lines for more efficient weeding after designs have been cut. Roland CutStudio includes plug-in software that allows outputting from Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW. A media basket is provided to collect cut sheets.

Melco releases the EMT16 PLUS embroidery system T

he EMT16 PLUS from Melco has all of the standard features and functions that made the EMT16 great, but with enhanced processing power that really unleashes the full potential of the machine.

In multi-head configurations, EMT16 PLUS embroidery systems will outperform conventional multi-heads by as much as 50%. Each head on the EMT16 PLUS can be started and stopped independently of the others, creating a highly efficient production environment. This leads to increases in overall profitability for any embroidery business. Engineers at Melco have work hard to develop technology to control the bobbin with greater precision. This has led to an increase of 10,000 stitches per bobbin, approximately 33% better than previous Melco models. Not only is it more efficient, the stitch quality is also improved, most notably on small lettering.

EMT16 PLUS retains many characteristics of older Melco technology that have set the modern standard in embroidery technology. Thread feed is controlled with Acti-Feed technology, Melco's patented thread control system. Thread feed is automatically monitored and adjusted, there are no manual tension knobs to adjust. EMT16 PLUS is a 16 needle system with a large 15.7x16.1in maximum sew field. For those that offer embroidery on hats, a cap attachment enables high quality embroidery on today's popular styles. The wide angle cap frame offers a large 270⁰ sew field. In addition, the small cylindrical lower arm enables embroidery on a variety of products. The Melco EMT16 PLUS is available in the UK through Amaya Sales UK.

Melco’s EMT16 PLUS TheMagicTouch introduces new 3D vacuum press U

nder its DyeSubMagic brand in the UK, TheMagicTouch has introduced Sublideck 3D+ – a new and unique 3D vacuum press for full colour personalisation to phone cases.

Having evaluated all previous vacuum press options, the company confirms that this new innovation simply ticks all the boxes.

Jim Nicol, managing director, said: “The number one priority when personalising phone cases and accessories is the need for reliability in production and the highest quality of the finished product. The Sublideck delivers on both fronts. The machines are engineered and manufactured here in the UK and fully CE certified, and RoHS compliant. The mobile phone is here to stay and with an increasing number of users looking to protect

| 18 | May 2017 The Sublideck 3D+

theirs from accidental damage the new 3D cases do indeed offer a great affordable solution.” The Sublideck has the smallest footprint of any vacuum press available, quiet in operation with a simple user interface for plug and play production. Suitable for all popular current models in mind with new jigs available for any future model arrivals. The unit is capable up to 200 cases per shift using a single machine together with almost non-existent rejects saving time and money. The production process is simple, using a unique A5 flexifilm printed on selected sublimation printers, place the printed film onto the platen on top of the chosen blank case and in less than three minutes the process moulds around the case give stunning results. The Sublideck 3D+ is manufactured in the UK by Sole Juice.

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