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Working from home, a welcome novelty just a year ago, seems to have strangely lost its shine and appeal for many! I am pleased to announce that the IIMS offices (complete with magnificent new wooden windows due to be installed imminently) will start to fill up again from early April. We are planning a phased return to work and do not expect to have a full complement each day for the time being. I am sure I speak for all my colleagues when I say how much we are looking forward to returning to something at least akin to normality.

Bookings have now opened for both the June and November new Professional Qualification in Marine Corrosion. I am delighted at the early interest and thank all those who have taken the leap of faith! It is pleasing to see a good number firming up on their initial expressions interest to study for this new qualification. For more details and to view the schedule of live lectures, which have been published, go to

Sticking with the subject of training for a moment, I am proud of what we have delivered over the past 12 months as COVID-19 lockdowns penned us in. OK, so online delivery is different from face-to-face training, especially when one cannot crawl around vessels and get one’s hands dirty. But we have proven in the past year that online training delivery can be highly effective and the ability to create a video of the proceedings for later viewing is very valuable too. The trend of excellent seminars has continued recently when Geoff Waddington presented to a large audience on the subject of ‘Surveying small craft bilge pumps’. On the face of it, the bilge pump is a rather innocuous looking piece of kit, but a vital device. I am grateful to all who attended, Geoff and the Jabsco representatives, Matt and Tim, for sharing their extensive knowledge. Our next seminar on 4th May tackles the subject of effective report writing. This quarterly, three-hour seminar has been well attended in the past year and brings the art of report writing bang up to date. For more details go to

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