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“ 60 percent of readers said they use the

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THE WEDNESDAY WIRE AND FRIDAY FLYER The Wednesday Wire and Friday Flyer are our weekly summaries of significant news, distributed by e-mail to more than 14,000 individual e-mail addresses.

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“The magazine is still delivering the goods and providing valuable insight not available elsewhere.” –Richard Jones, Director of Projects, Röhlig Projects

“I have enjoyed your publication very much, and have learned from it as well as made several contacts as a result of articles and adverts.” –Don Divine, formerly of Lakes Logistics

“HLPFI is an excellent, high quality magazine seen in the offices of major companies worldwide.” – Jan Beringer, President and CEO, Rohde and Liesenfeld Canada

“It is very interesting to read HLPFI magazine and I am happy to say that at times we do pick up lot of ideas that could help us in the transport/engineering of critical equipment. Thanks for keeping the magazine focused and we hope to be able to learn more from the articles/news.” – Sameer Parikh, Director, Lift & Shift India

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READERS SAY “I found your last edition on heavy lift with transformers as a topic very interesting. Great issue.” – Thomas Skellingsted, Vice President,

Global Category Leader, Heavy Lift & Project Cargo Transport, ABB

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“I have yet to see a publication relating to the project logistics industry come close to your standards. I consider your opinions to be the only industry voice that counts.” –Alex Baron,

Logistics, Enel Green Power

“We have received tremendous feedback based on the news on your website. This has created fantastic new contacts for us from which we hope to sign several contracts. HLPFI will be ‘the magazine’ for us in the future.” – Thomas Bek, Global Manager, Oil & Energy Division, Blue Water Shipping

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