2019-20 High School Course Selection Guide

WEST CHESTER UNIVERSITY DUAL ENROLLMENT PARTNERSHIP The West Chester Area School District and West Chester University have

partnered to offer a menu of pre-approved dual enrollment courses for juniors and seniors. For student convenience, these classes will be located at the West Chester University Graduate Center and be scheduled for Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 1:05 pm -1:55 pm. Students will be scheduled to depart from their high school at the conclusion of 6th period and travel by way of their own transportation to the Graduate Center located off of Greenhill Road. Tuition and fees are to be determined. Complete course descriptions are included within the guide.

West Chester high schools offer 2 courses in the Geosciences that will be held at students home school during the regular school day. These courses will be:

Advanced Geoscience: Astronomy and Geology Advanced Geoscience: Oceanography and Meteorology


The West Chester Area School District’s multi-faceted Career Exploration Program brings high school students into the workplace to observe and explore the “world of work” first-hand, creating a critical link between the skills students learn in school with the importance of this knowledge and skill acquisition to future career success.

Businesses can positively impact students by sharing practical work experience and learned life lessons that will help students make informed career decisions.

One of the goals of the Career Exploration Program is to place students in their expressed area of interest to allow them to get a real-world view of how that job functions within their community and beyond. These career opportunities are offered to students who are genuinely serious about their education and have a sincere interest in their career choices, ensuring that students and the business professionals both have a quality experience.

CAREER AWARENESS - GRADE 10: In 10th grade, interested students can participate in several Career

Awareness experiences that are offered in different career areas by several colleges, universities, and professional organizations.

JOB SHADOWING - GRADES 11 AND 12: In 11th and 12th grade, students may participate in the Job Shadowing


A student may participate in different job shadowing opportunities from October thru April in their career area(s) of interest. A wide variety of individuals and businesses in the Delaware Valley area offer full-day or half-day job shadowing opportunities.

These shadowings range from individual, 1-on-1 experiences, to larger group experiences at international companies in the area. The student can also work with the Career Exploration Instructor in setting up a job shadowing experience tailored to that student’s career area of interest.

LEARN TO EARN - GRADE 12: In 12th grade, sixty selected seniors can participate in the Learn to Earn


Students must procure their own internship-site and the Business Sponsor must agree to obtain the required Pennsylvania clearances.


Many courses that were formerly weighted at the Career & College Prep level are neutrally weighted. However, students may choose to include level weighting for these specific elective courses in the calculation of their grade point average (GPA). Neutrally weighted elective courses can be found in the following subject areas:

• Career & College Prep level Art and Music courses • Career & College Prep level Family & Consumer Science, Video Production 1, and Technology Education courses

• Career & College Prep level Business and Marketing courses • Career & College Prep level English and Social Studies elective courses • Career & College Prep level 1 and 2 World Language courses

To receive Career & College Prep quality points for neutrally weighted courses, students must complete a “Request for Elective GPA Inclusion” form that is available online and in each guidance office. This form must be signed by the student and their parent/guardian and returned to the student’s counselor no later than Wednesday, April 12, 2019.

NOTES: • The term “Neutrally Weighted” will appear beneath the course title

Students are encouraged to speak with family and friends to find an internship site that is aligned with their career interests. Students may also work with the Career Exploration Instructor to find a site. Students have the opportunity to finish all their academic course work by the end of April and then intern at a business/institution/non-profit during the day for the month of May.

The business/company sponsor is expected to introduce students to positive aspects of the business and responsibilities of the workplace, make a visible investment in the student’s career path, and make the connection between school and work.

In June, each student is required to prepare a presentation that summarizes their experience to members of the Learn to Earn Advisory Committee. Sponsors may attend this presentation. More information and application materials are available on the West Chester Area School District website under Career Exploration Program under the Curriculum tab.

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