2019-20 High School Course Selection Guide MAKING NEXT YEAR’S COURSE SELECTIONS

Each year between January and May, West Chester Area School District students select their courses for the following school year. This procedure involves teacher recommendations, parental suggestions, counselor advice and, finally, student choice. The final decision is extremely important because West Chester Area School District’s staffing of teachers is dependent upon these choices. Furthermore, in order to build an accurate master schedule, the following procedures will be in effect.

• All course changes must be made by March 29*. • All required courses must be scheduled before graduation.

• Requests for particular periods and/or teachers will not be considered to ensure an equitable master schedule

* Te only exceptions are for failed courses, changed teacher recommendations, and completion of approved summer school courses.

SCHEDULING OF COURSES: Students in grades nine and ten must schedule a minimum of 6 credits

including Health and Physical Education. Students in grade eleven must schedule at least 6.4 credits including Physical Education. All seniors must schedule at least 5.4 credits including Physical Education.


A total of 23.8 credits and a completed graduation project are required for graduation.

English.................... 4 credits Social Studies .............. 4 credits Mathematics ............... 3 credits Science .................... 3 credits Arts/Humanities ........... 2 credits Electives................... 5 credits Health/Physical Ed ......... 2.8 credits

Beginning with the class of 2020, Chapter 4 Rules and Regulations for the state of Pennsylvania require that, in lieu of completing a graduation project, students must demonstrate proficiency on the Algebra 1, Biology, and Literature Keystone Exams in order to graduate. Keystone Exams help assess student proficiency of the Pennsylvania Core Standards - standards aligned with expectations for success in college and the workplace. Students will be offered multiple opportunities to take the Keystone Exams throughout their high school careers.


In recommending a sequence of courses, it’s difficult to arrive at a recommendation which will best serve the needs of all students. Variations to the sequence of courses suggested below can be arranged through consultation with your teacher and counselor. These suggested guidelines refer only to the minimum requirements for graduation. Your counselor has more detailed information regarding recommended courses for college bound students, business students, etc.

9TH GRADE - 6.0 CR. English

Social Science Math


Arts & Humanities Health Fitness 9 Elective (Optional)

11TH GRADE - 6.4 CR. English

Social Science Math

Science Elective Elective

Physical Ed.

The Arts & Humanities requirements may be satisfied by English and Social Science electives and/or by courses in World Language, Art, Music, Family Consumer Science, and Technology Education. At times, some courses may be offered through distance learning due to low enrollment.


ADVANCED PLACEMENT: Advanced Placement, or AP, refers to college-level courses taught

according to the syllabi approved by the College Board Advanced Placement Program and/or to courses designed to prepare students for College Board AP tests. Successful performance on AP tests may lead to college credit and/or advanced placement in college courses. While course descriptions provide information about the course content on which the AP exam will be based, WCASD teachers have the flexibility to determine how the content is presented.

ACCELERATED HONORS: Accelerated Honors courses prepare students for Advanced Placement

studies. Courses at this level are designed to provide students with access to the most rigorous curriculum that extends well beyond grade level standards. These courses promote both collaborative and self- directed learning through activities and assessments that emphasize written and oral communication.

10TH GRADE - 6.0 CR. English

Social Science Math

Science Arts & Humanities

Health 10/Physical Ed. Elective (Optional)

12TH GRADE - 5.4 CR. English

Social Science Elective Elective Elective

Physical Ed.

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