A new range of adaptable tensile and compression solutions for today’s SEM

Swift Instruments SWF 5000 and SWF L5000 Tensile Stages

Tensile Testing for Today

Modern day Scanning Electron Microscopes can be very complex, especially when it comes to fitting a tensile stage. The vacuum chamber of an SEM is already a confined space, and there may be other instruments already installed which form additional obstacles. Swift Instruments have solved this problem by designing a flexible range of new tensile stages which address today's space constraints.

Introducing the SWF 5000 and SWF L5000 Tensile Stages

Swift Instruments are proud to introduce the Swift SWF 5000 and SWF L5000 Tensile Stages. Providing an already comprehensive specifications, these Swift Tensile Stages can be fully customized to meet your exact requirements.

The Swift SWF 5000 provides a compact system for testing samples at both the flat position and EBSD 70° angle. The stage's rotating jaws eliminate the need to tilt or move the stage itself. This allows for both a space-saving form factor and greater setup efficiency and ease of use.

The Swift SWF L5000 is a low profile solution for tensile testing at both the flat position and EBSD 70° angle. This highly compact design is ideal for tensile testing when headroom is at its most limited.

Computer-Controlled Workflow

The Swift Controller is compatible with PCs running Windows 7 or later, and is supplied with extensive software. Test routines can be defined which control the load, temperature and positions of the sample. Results can be displayed and saved for later use.

Heating and Chilling

The Swift Tensile Stages can be enhanced with heaters and chillers. Heaters and chillers are available for both the flat and EBSD positions. Samples can be heated up to 600°C in air and 1000°C in vacuum. Chilling can reach to 100°C below ambient.

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