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Benefits • Enables accurate cleaving through frontside targets with a scribe made on the backside of the substrate

• Scribe does not damage the frontside of the sample

• Accuracy of scribe ±200 μm (achievable)

• Flexible with respect to sample size and shape

• Capable of scribing bonded crystalline and amorphous wafers and chips for subsequent cleaving

• No maintenance required

Features • Accurate positioning of the scribe relative to features on the front side (the front side being observed either by eye or with a stereoscope).

• The length of the scribe can be varied from 1 mm to 100 mm

• Prealigned diamond scribe in user replaceable cartridge; height and angle adjustable

• Ruler embedded in platform enables precise and repeatable sample align- ment and sizing

• The tool is purely mechanical; no power required

FlipScribe with one-quarter of a 12”/300 mm wafer.

Specifications Cleaving accuracy

Cleaving cycle time Minimum sample size Maximum sample size

FlipScribe takes scribing to a new performance level, making clean, straight scribe lines on the back side to accurately cleave front side targets, bonded wafers and other substrates. This method eliminates contamination of sensitive front side devices during the scribing processes and is valuable for both crystalline and amorphous samples.

Scribing Reinvented FlipScribe is a compact, stable, accurate, fast and low cost scribing and cleaving solu- tion suitable for any lab; no utilities required. It provides a more accurate method for scribing than can be achieved with hand held tools, by integrating a robust diamond scribe into a sample platform with a fence guide design. Time required to align and scribe is about a minute. It allows users to accurately position the scribe mark relative to features on the front side, visualized either by eye or with a user-supplied high magnification microscope. FlipScribe also offers a quick method for cleanly downsizing large samples, with a “scribe stop” to allow the operator to define the length of the scribe.

Product Data Sheet

± 200 µm 1-2 minutes 3⁄8” /9.5 mm (L) × ¼”/6.3 mm (W) × .01”/300 μm (H)

4” (100 mm) wafer; ¼ of 12” (300 mm) wafer; Non-wafer: 3⁄8”/ 9.5 mm (L) × ¼”/6.3 mm (W) × .01”/300 µm (H)

Silicon device after scribing and cleaving.

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