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atients receive some of the best trauma care in the country at Imperial Private Healthcare and its partner NHS Trust due to highly- trained surgeons, doctors

and therapists who work together seamlessly to return them back to health. The private facility’s affiliation to

Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, which runs one of London’s four major trauma centres at St Mary’s Hospital, means these clinicians are highly experienced in managing trauma. Patients receive treatment for

everything from sprains and fractures to serious injuries due to accidents, sport or even war.

COLLABORATIVE WORKING Crucial to their recovery is the close working and collaboration of the consultant-led multi-disciplinary team looking after them. This team is made up of surgeons, doctors, specialist nurses and therapists including physiotherapists, speech and language therapists, occupational therapists and psychologists to support physical and psychological recovery. Valentina Roffi, a musculoskeletal

physiotherapist providing outpatient therapy services, explained: “Each department plays a vital role in helping patients move from one ‘goal post’ to the next. The surgical and medical team will work on the

traumatic injury, then the inpatient therapy team ensures the patient is well enough to progress to rehabilitation through to discharge from hospital. At that point the outpatient team takes over to help the patient return to home and daily life.”

AN EXPERT TEAM Mr Rajarshi Bhattacharya, a consultant orthopaedic surgeon and the Trust’s director of orthopaedics, plastic surgery and major trauma, said private patients benefit from being treated by expert clinicians who work in a major trauma centre and treat trauma patients every day. He said: “We can bring together

Imperial Private Healthcare consultants are highly experienced in managing trauma

surgeons from different specialties, such as orthopaedics or plastic and reconstructive surgery, to treat complex injuries. Due to our world- class surgical expertise, we often receive trauma victims, such as military personnel, from overseas. They may have had treatment elsewhere for bomb or gunshot injuries and need further specialist interventions. “Our therapists are equally specialised in trauma care and rehabilitation. The whole team of different specialists works together seamlessly to ensure the best outcome for our patients.” The therapy teams strive to help patients become independent as soon as possible and achieve their individual goals, whether to feed and dress themselves or return to work or sports.

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