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DK Eyewitness Travel Guides Tese wonderful

travel companions use illustrated

cutaways, street-by-street artwork and photographs that help make travelers feel as if they’re already in Italy prior to their arrival. Te paperback guides, also available in eBook format, help determine what to see and do, as well as where to eat, drink, stay and shop. Included are travel tips and a “Survivor’s Guide” with practical information about each city and region. DK publishes 11 Italian guides: Italy; Venice & the Veneto; Milan & Te Lakes; Sar- dinia; Sicily; Umbria; Rome; Naples & Te Amalfi Coast; Te Italian Riviera; Florence & Tuscany; and Back Roads, Northern & Central Italy. DK also publishes mini- paperback guides: “Te 10

Best of Everything” with pullout maps. Tese include Venice; Florence & Tuscany; Sicily; Naples & Te Amalfi Coast; Rome; and Milan & Te Lakes. Just published is the new Top 10 Rome 2016 Guide.

It’s a guide to the “10 Best” of everything in Rome, in- cluding ancient sites; museums and galleries; itineraries and local trips, with the best walks, shops, cafés, bars and top restaurants. Includes a pullout map as well.

Under the Tuscan Sun By Frances Mayes Tis classic is a wonderful account of her discovery of the world of living simply in the Tuscan countryside near Luca in the town of Cortina, and buying and restoring an abandoned villa. Mayes writes beautifully

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about the Italian people and their hospitality, with a lot of emphasis on food, including the joys of cook- ing and using many seasonal recipes with ingredients from her garden. If you haven’t been to Tuscany, this book will make you want to be on the next plane.

Gomorrah: A Personal Journey into the Violent International Empire of Naples’ Organized Crime System By Robert Saviano A true, insider’s story about the Camorra organized crime network in Naples and the Campania region, the center of the profitable toxic waste dumping ground for most of Italy. A group more powerful and far reaching than the Mafia, Saviano’s book helps you understand the clan- destine world of the Gomorrah and crime that Te New York Times called “the most important book to come out of Italy in years.” Tis is a truly gripping story about drug dealing, violence and murder, and how it affects every

Thinking of ordering a cappuccino after 10 a.m.? Don’t do it!

In Italy, nothing screams tourist like ordering

a cappuccino mid-day or later. You’ll probably re- ceive a frown from your server and might even get a downright refusal to serve you. Te reason this is such a faux pas is Italians believe that drink- ing milk or cream after a meal will inhibit proper digestion and cause discomfort. So the next time you’re tempted to order that after-dinner pick me up, choose a caffè (small cup of strong coffee, typ- ically espresso) instead. Or rather do as the Ital- ians do and order an apertivo before your meal, such as Campari and soda, which is believed to open up the stomach to aid in digestion.

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