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3 Discharging the Consent Condition 3.1 Activity list during the Operations and Maintenance Phase

1 The list of activities to be undertaken during the O&M phase is provided as Appendix 1. This O&M list is a live document which will be updated and agreed with the MMO as required.

2 For each activity, a ‘traffic light system’ has been used to provide clarity as to those activities that can be carried out under the existing DML.

• Green indicates that an additional marine licence is not required, however notification should be provided to the MMO on works being undertaken;

• Amber indicates that discussions will be required with the MMO and a decision taken at the time as to whether an additional marine licence is required or whether the activity falls within the project envelope assessed within the Environmental Statement;

• Red indicates that an additional marine licence will be requireddue to the type of works to be undertaken.

3 Column four of the activity list highlights where additional actions are required in relation to Annex 1 reef habitat.

4 Further detail on the activities required and their protectial impacts is provided in Appendix 2.

Outline Operations and Maintenance Monitoring Plan Offshore

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