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21 Scour protection would be placed around the foundations therefore there would be no or little opportunity for micro-siting. The foundations will already have been micro-sited at the construction stage to avoid Annex I reef habitat and the likelihood of reef development in the area is considered low. There will therefore be no requirement for further action (however this position would be reviewed triennially). For activities outside the project envelope, the availability of current survey data would be reviewed.

2.2.3 Convertor & Collector Stations

22 As for activities related to the O&M of wind turbines, as embedded mitigation in the EIA includes micro-siting to avoid Annex 1 reefs, direct impacts of jack-up rig foot placement on S. spinulosa reefs during construction would be avoided.

23 Given that the area is not a ‘hotspot’ for S.spinulosa reef development, impacts during the O&M phase are not expected.

24 The following activities can therefore be undertaken during the O&M phase of the East Anglia ONE without further recourse to the MMO:

• Inspections; • General maintenance work, eg oil replacement, mechanical works, paint and repair works;

• Switch gear replacement; • Top-side replacement.

2.2.4 Other 25 Other potential O&M activities include:

• Davit crane inspection; • Fuel replenishment to crew transfer vessel; • Re-fuelling of generator on the converter station; • Grout and corrosion works; • Crane transfers from vessels to wind turbines or to quayside O&M building or vice versa.

26 None of these activities results in seabed impacts and therefore they can be undertaken without further recourse to the MMO. Adherence to Condition 7 of the DML will ensure that all chemicals used are approved and all storage areas are appropriately bunded.

Outline Operations and Maintenance Monitoring Plan Offshore

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