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• Cable burial using surface protection; • Cable re-burial using jetting.

13 Should additional cable laying be required, discussions will be held with the MMO on the extent to which any activities are outside the project envelope assessed, including the availability of current survey data for the proposed location.

14 Cable inspection would be done remotely and therefore no impacts on Annex I habitat would occur.

15 Cable burial, re-burial and repair would be done at the site of the existing cable and therefore there would be no or little opportunity for micro-siting. The cable will already have been micro-sited at the construction stage to avoid Annex I reef habitat and the likleihood of reef development in the area is considered low. There will therefore be no requirement for further action (however this position would be reviewed triennially). For activities outside the project envelope, the availability of current survey data would be reviewed.

16 Foundations

17 As the following activities require only access via boat or a jack-up rig, these can be undertaken during the O&M phase of the East Anglia ONE without further recourse to MMO:

• Foundation inspections; • Foundation repair; • Removal of algal growth.

18 The removal of algal growth may be done manually or using chemicals. Adherence to Condition 7 of the DML will ensure that any chemicals used are approved and all storage areas are appropriately bunded.

19 Other activities for consideration are:

• Foundation replacement; • Addition of scour protection around foundations.

20 In the case of foundation replacement, the availability of current survey data at the proposed locations would be reviewed. Micro-siting would be employed to avoid Annex 1 reefs as far as reasonably practicable.

Outline Operations and Maintenance Monitoring Plan Offshore

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