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Potential Maintenance Activity

inspections Foundation repair

Removal of algal growth

Foundation replacement

Up to 325 jacket structures and 240 gravity base foundations have been assessed. The worst case is terms of seabed impacts is assumed to be 240 gravity base with 50m diameter base.

Additional scour protection around foundations

Worst case assessed assumes rock armour layer across an area of 120m x 120m, 1m in thickness around up to 240 foundations.

Worst Case Assessed in the Environmental Statement

'refurbishment and repair'.

FurtherWorks/ Annex 1 Surveys /Action Needed


No further action required

No further action required

Review availability of current survey data for the proposed location

Alert and discuss with the MMO – review availability of current survey data if activities are outside the project envelope. For activities within the project envelope, no further action required (to be reviewed triennially)

Converter and Collector Stations


General maintenance work, eg oil replacement, mechanical works, paint and repair works

Switchgear Outline Operations and Maintenance Monitoring Plan Offshore

See worst case in terms of 'refurbishment and repair'

No further action required

No further action required

No further action Page 12

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