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required to use the CCS during the construction period. The access design and layout should be produced in accordance with the ‘Design Manual for Roads and Bridges’ and the Highway Authority’s requirements.


The typical access arrangements provided for the CCSs and the HDD sites, illustrate how the sites would accommodate all sizes of vehicles required to deliver specialist equipment and materials to the CCSs.


All CCS access arrangements would be designed to accommodate two-way traffic and provide for standing vehicles clear of the through carriageway, sufficient to mitigate queuing on the highway.


Outline drawings showing visibility splays for access into CCSs are provided at Appendix 1, for each CCS, as listed in Table 1 below.

Outline Drawings Showing Visibility Splays for Access into CCSs CCS Site CCS Site A

Figure No. Appendix 1 - Figure 1.01 Bramford (Secondary CCS A) CCS Site B CCS Site C

CCS Site D CCS Site E CCS Site F

CCS Site G CCS Site H

CCS Site I

Appendix 1 - Figure 1.02 Paper Mill Lane (Primary CCS B)

Appendix 1 - Figure 1.03Witnesham Road (Secondary CCS C)

Appendix 1 - Figure 1.04 Playford (Secondary CCS D) Appendix 1 - Figure 1.05 Top Street (Primary CCS E)

Appendix 1 - Figure 1.06 North of Newbourne (Secondary CCS F)

Appendix 1 - Figure 1.07 Park Lane (Secondary CCS G)

Appendix 1 - Figure 1.08 Deben Estuary (Secondary CCS H)

Appendix 1 - Figure 1.09 Bawdsey (Secondary CCS I) Table 1 – Outline Drawings Showing Visibility Splays for Access into CCSs 14

Finalised drawings, showing the full detail of access improvements, including measures to ensure safe access from the highway onto the Onshore Cable Route outwith the CCS locations, would be agreed as part of the full AMP through consultation with the Highways Authority.

Outline Access Management Plan – Version 3

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