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Development Consent Order (DCO) Requirement 32 (Schedule A, Part 3 Requirement 32) sets out a number of plans relating to traffic which must be submitted to and approved by the relevant local planning authority (in consultation with the relevant highway authority) prior to commencement of works. The Plans required are as follows:

Traffic Management Plan (TMP): The Traffic Management Plan shall set out the standards and procedures for managing the impact of HGV traffic during the construction period, including localised road improvements necessary to facilitate safe use of the existing road network

Access Management Plan (AMP): The Access Management Plan shall set out the location, frontage, general layout and visibility available for access onto the existing road network from each Construction Consolidation Site (CCS) and Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) site. It shall present the requirements and standards that will be incorporated into the final access design

Travel Plan: The Travel Plan shall set out how construction personnel traffic would be managed and controlled during the construction period.


The following sets out to provide an outline of the AMP, the final content of which would be produced by the Principle Contractor and would be developed with the relevant highways authority and agreed with the relevant local planning authority, in consultation with the relevant highway authority.


East Anglia One Limited (EAOL) will work with the relevant local authority to ensure appropriate resourcing is in place to monitor compliance with the provisions of the AMP.

1.2 4 Local Community Liaison

EAOL will manage public relations with local residents and businesses that may be affected by construction traffic. Public relations will be co-ordinated on site by a designated member of the construction management team. A proactive public relations campaign will maintained, keeping local residents informed of the type and timing of works involved, the transport routes associated with the works, the hours of likely construction traffic movements and key traffic management measures. As provided for by the Outline Code of Construction Practice, a combination of

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