We are helping Oregon be a national clean energy leader.

In 2016, Oregon passed the Clean Electricity Plan, landmark legislation that puts our state on a path toward achieving ambitious carbon- and greenhouse gas- reduction goals. I’m extraordinarily proud of the work we did as part of an unprecedented group of collaborative stakeholders to advocate for our customers who want us to provide affordable and reliable electricity in an increasingly sustainable way.

Putting our approach to sustainability to the test, we worked toward a solution that balances the health of our planet with the welfare of our communities and the performance of our company.

As we rise to the challenge of delivering 50 percent of our customers’ energy needs with qualifying renewable power by 2040, we will lean on our track record of leadership and innovation in clean energy.

In 2015, we met Oregon’s 15 percent renewable portfolio standard requirement, and our two new plants — Port Westward Unit 2 and Tucannon River Wind Farm — will help us meet future requirements.

With the ambitious Oregon Clean Electricity Plan goals in mind, our 2016 integrated resource planning process is underway, and we’re moving quickly to take advantage of federal tax benefits for our customers by adding renewable resources to our system before the benefits expire. Following are some examples of how we live our commitment to sustainability.

Committed to our communities. Our employees and retirees give their time, expertise and money to organizations they care about, and we support them with matching funds. We’re highly engaged with business and community leaders as well as our elected leaders on

programs and policies that better educate and develop our future workforce, enhance our environment and prepare our communities to respond to major disasters.

Committed to our planet. During the last decade, we’ve invested more than $200 million in fish passage and water quality. The launch of our North Fork Floating Surface Collector marked five years of innovation and accomplishment in the design and construction of fish passage and recreational improvements on the Clackamas River. Despite record-high temperatures during 2015, our project to reintroduce salmon and steelhead runs to the upper Deschutes Basin is making important progress. We continue to work with key stakeholders to evaluate and refine our approach.

Committed to strong performance. A sustainable company is a resilient company. When warmer winter weather challenged us with lower energy sales and lower wind and hydro generation, we partially offset the financial impact by effectively managing our power supply and through our strong operating results.

I’m proud of the work our employees do to power this thriving region. As we work toward a brighter future for Oregon, we remain committed to our approach to sustainability that works to provide the best results for our customers and all our stakeholders.

Jim Piro President and Chief Executive Officer



Portland General Electric

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