STRATEGY INVEST in a reliable and clean energy future

A proposed

renewable power program to support our customers and advance Oregon's clean energy goals

As part of our commitment to deliver exceptional customer experiences and to lead the way to a clean energy future for Oregon, we filed an application with the Oregon Public Utility Commission seeking approval for a new program that will help achieve state and local climate change and renewable energy goals. The program has the endorsement of six mayors who represent the largest cities in PGE’s service area.

If approved, the program will create a new, voluntary option for large business and municipal customers to support cost- effective local and regional renewable power development by working with PGE to purchase it directly from new solar, wind or other renewable energy facilities.

“Many of our customers have ambitious clean energy and sustainability goals — while at the same time wanting to keep prices affordable. This is another way we can meet their needs,” says our president and CEO, Maria Pope.

The proposed program would deliver power to participating large customers at a price that reflects the actual cost of producing and delivering the energy from a specific facility, and it would be self-supporting to ensure that no costs would be shifted to non-participating customers. Similar program models are operating successfully in utility service areas across the country.

HOW DOES THIS PROPOSED PROGRAM COMPARE WITH THE RENEWABLE POWER PROGRAMS WE ALREADY OFFER? Our popular Green Future program is available to small business and residential customers, and over 20% of our customers voluntarily participate in it. The proposed renewable power program would only be available to municipalities and large industrial customers, much like our Clean Wind product. There are key differences, however. While Clean Wind is supplied from a pool of existing renewable facilities, this new program would be supplied from one specific, yet-to-be constructed wind or solar facility in the Pacific Northwest. This key distinction will allow customers of the proposed program to have a direct connection with the development of the renewable resources, which is something our customers have been asking for.

With the proposed program, customers would make a multi-year commitment to purchase renewable power from a dedicated generation source, at a fixed price premium. Our Clean Wind offers month to month flexibility, but at a variable price depending on the market. Our goal is to provide our large business and municipal customers with choices that meet their goals.

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