Beth Smith, manager, Meter Services Field Operations THE PEOPLE BEHIND THE PROJECT

What’s your role on the project?

I am the business process owner for Meter Services Field Operations, which is responsible for field processes such as meter disconnects and reconnects, manual meter reads, meter asset information and checking for usage anomalies such as energy theft.

How many business process owners have been involved in Customer Touchpoints and what’s been their role? There are about 20 business process owners, and we’ve been meeting weekly for almost two years to provide input on the design and launch of the new billing system. Because the business processes of one group affect the work of other groups, we’ve worked together to influence the system so it offers the best overall solution — meeting the requirements of each business group as well as customers.

Has that resulted in changes for your group? Yes, after launch, some routine tasks will be automated and our Field Collections coordinators will have more time to work on complex accounts. This results in less risk of disconnecting a customer in error. In the past, all accounts came through for manual review.

Fun fact: Beth loves the outdoors. Every chance she gets, she’s walking and hiking with her husband, daughters and their black labs.

When we start moving data to the new system on May 7, what will the cutover process be like for you? We already stopped doing nonessential meter exchanges. During system cutover, when Maximo, Field Manager and other work scheduling applications are offline, we’ll convert to manual processes that we’ve developed.

By the numbers: The system cutover process

Cutover, which starts May 7 and runs 24/7 until we go live on May 14, involves shutting down legacy applications and transferring data to our new billing system. Here’s a look at this massive task.

16 work groups involved in cutover 270 project team members involved 170+ people in business groups performing cutover tasks manually 15–20 people in the cutover room at a time 10 people in the Command Center overseeing cutover 2,200 separate tasks required to complete cutover Billions of pieces of data to be transferred during cutover*

*Much of it is interval meter readings

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