Monoclonal antibodies to Marburg virus

ViroStat has released several new monoclonal antibodies to the Marburg virus. Specificities include the VP40 matrix protein and the nucleoprotein (NP). These antibodies are reactive with the native virus and do not cross react with the Ebola virus. Marburg virus is one of the causes of viral haemorrhagic fever. It is an RNA virus belonging to the Filoviridae family, which also includes the Ebola virus. It is found in fruit bats but can infect humans where it transmits from person to person via body fluids. Mortality rates are often >50% and there is no vaccine or therapeutic currently available. Recent outbreaks have occurred in Uganda and Angola. Additional details of these new antibodies can be found on the data sheet available on the ViroStat website.

Introducing new StarBright dyes for flow cytometry

Recently launched by Bio- Rad Laboratories, the StarBright Blue 700, StarBright Violet 440 and StarBright Violet 610 dyes specifically developed for flow cytometry offer maximal brightness for improved resolution. The dyes are fluorescent nanoparticles

that are conjugated to Bio-Rad’s highly validated flow antibodies, providing maximal brightness and improved resolution. Brighter than other fluorescent dyes with similar excitation and emission spectra, the StarBright dyes provide researchers with an alternative for flow cytometry panels. The brightness of the dyes combined with precise excitation and emission profiles offer improved resolution of rare populations and low-density antigens, and easily integrate into multiplex panels.

Key benefits of StarBright dyes include resistance to photobleaching and highly stable with minimal lot-to- lot variation, enabling researchers to achieve consistent and reproducible

staining; they work with all common staining buffers, including special polymer dye staining buffers, for easy integration into multicolour panels; the unique chemistry ensures no loss of signal in fixation; and offer narrow excitation and emission profiles for improved resolution in new and existing flow cytometry experiments.

StarBright dyes are compatible with

Bio-Rad’s ZE5 Cell Analyser, S3e Cell Sorter, as well as other conventional and spectral flow cytometers.

Digital pathology and diagnostic reporting

Cyted, a developer and provider of artificial intelligence (AI) technology and digital diagnostic infrastructure to enable earlier detection of disease, has acquired Pathognomics, a provider of digital pathology and clinical diagnostics services.

The acquisition of Pathognomics will

provide Cyted with an accredited laboratory environment and digital pathology technology, enabling the rapid uptake and expansion of the pipeline of

novel biomarkers and AI technology at Cyted.

Cyted and Pathognomics will now look to scale their combined diagnostic reporting services and infrastructure to support existing and future healthcare partners. Both companies have already worked together to set up and launch diagnostic services for the earlier detection of oesophageal cancer, details of which can be found online.

Testing for treatment-resistant schizophrenia patients

HORIBA UK, Medical recently received recognition for a new partnership with Britannia Pharmaceuticals and Northumberland Tyne & Wear Mental Health Trust (NTW) for community-based near-patient testing for treatment- resistant schizophrenia patients. Clozapine, supplied as Denzapine by Britannia Pharmaceuticals, is indicated in treatment-resistant schizophrenic patients and in schizophrenia patients who have severe, untreatable neurological adverse reactions to other antipsychotic agents, including atypical antipsychotics. Denzapine is also

indicated in psychotic disorders occurring during the course of Parkinson’s disease, in cases where standard treatment has failed.

Before clozapine can be dispensed, white blood cell count (WBC) and an absolute neutrophil count (ANC) are required to ensure patient safety. The NTW clinics operate a traffic light dispensing system, meaning that patients not having a blood test or without a confirmed sufficiently high WBC or high ANC cannot receive their clozapine prescription. This can cause subsequent stress and anxiety for the patient.


The Yumizen H500, which delivers a full blood count with five-part WBC differential from just 20-μL whole blood within two minutes at the NTW clinics, has helped to alleviate stress, as more patients can now receive their prescription immediately in a single visit to the clinic. Furthermore, as the Yumizen H500 can analyse capillary blood samples obtained by a simple fingerprick, this can be used as a last resort as an easier means of taking blood from mental health patients who may be particularly anxious or are drug users.


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