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December, 2019

EMSG Partners with MIRTEC and Hanwha Techwin

York, PA — Headquartered in York, Pennsylvania, Elec- tronic Manufacturing Services Group, Inc., (EMSG) offers customers a full range of automated SMT and through- hole equipment designed for quick set up. The company strives to provide quality customer satisfaction, and su- perb value, through a combination of industry expertise

Saki introduces inline, auto- mated 3D CT X-ray system. Electronic manufacturing prod ucts begin on…

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Essegi Improves

and a skilled workforce. The company’s employees offer detailed hand assembly certified to IPC-A-610 Class II and IPC-A-610 Class III. Outsourcing electronic assembly needs is a critical de-

cision for any company and there are numerous PCB as- sembly companies to choose from. EMSG is well-equipped to handle both board-level and complete box build assemblies, including customized packaging. “EMSG’s objective is to help our customers go

to market successfully,” says Alex Hamp, secre- tary and treasurer, EMSG. “We understand that every customer is unique and requires special at- tention. EMSG can also be an integral part of the design of a product, whether customers require PCB assembly services, board layout or engineer- ing services to change the product from through- hole to SMT.”

Advanced Technology EMSG continuously invests in the latest

Essegi's incoming material station helps manufacturers keep a comprehensive data- base of components. EMS sec- tion begins on…

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Desco helps avoid pitfalls in ESD control; PVA TePla dis- cusses outsourcing plasma treat ments for surface modifi- cation; LiloTree improves sur- face finish for high-frequency PCBs. Special features begin on…

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ANDA Sweeps Mexico Technology Awards

Fremont, CA — During a recent cer- emony at the 2019 SMTA Guadala- jara Expo and Tech Forum, Anda Technologies swept up five Mexico Technology Awards. The company won in the following categories: “Cleaning Equipment,” for the AP-3P selective atmospheric plasma treat- ment system, “Curing,” for the VCO series vertical curing oven, “Dispens- ing Equipment,” for the iJet7, and “Robotic Handling” and the “Editor’s Choice” award for the ADS series ro- botic arm. The ADS series is easy to oper- ate and automate and includes three

systems, the ADS260, ADS400 and ADS600. Each has outstanding col- laborative abilities that make them a great asset to the production line. The series is suitable for medical equipment, semiconductor, telecom- munication, and solar applications, such as assembly, handling, sorting, laminating, coating, dispensing, and, curing. The AP-3P series can accommo-

date top and bottom dual nozzles, op- erated simultaneously and inline, with fluid dispensing or selective conformal coating for maximum pro- ductivity. The VCO-70 vertical cur- ing oven is designed to increase pro- ductivity, improve quality and re- duce costs. The VCO-70 works inline, providing vertical automation for curing processes. Inline automation increases productivity by eliminat- ing the need to load and unload batch ovens. The iJet-7 and iJet-7L fluid dis-

pensing systems offer both precision and flexibility with a combination of

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technology for surface mount, AOI and selective soldering. The company also performs in-house testing, conformal coating and box builds. Cus- tomers are given access to a state-of-the-art, 20,000 ft2 (1,858m2) facility that includes 4,000 ft2 (372m2) of engineering and office space. Hamp adds, “We’re proud of our highly

Hanwha Techwin’s large-format printer helps make EMSG a leader in continuous 4 ft circuit boards.

trained staff as well as our equipment, which is why you’ll find our ability to fill all sizes and types

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Achieving Quantum Supremacy

Santa Barbara, CA — Researchers in UC Santa Barbara/Google scientist John Martinis’ group have made good on their claim to achieve quan- tum supremacy. Using 53 entangled quantum

bits, “qubits,” their Sycamore com- puter has taken on — and solved — a problem considered intractable for classical computers. “A computation that would take

10,000 years on a classical supercom- puter took 200 seconds on our quan- tum computer,” says Brooks Foxen, a graduate student researcher in Mar- tinis’ group. “It is likely that the clas- sical simulation time, currently esti- mated at 10,000 years, will be re- duced by improved classical hard- ware and algorithms, but, since we are currently 1.5 trillion times faster, we feel comfortable laying claim to this achievement.” The milestone comes after

roughly two decades of quantum computing research conducted by

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