PCNT NEWS Keeping the Primrose Community Informed Planning Changes

It was necessary to comply with the requirements of LCC Highways to alter the entrance for the nature walk to opposite George Street and that required a change to the footpath route.

Planting Complete

You might have seen the planting contractor “plug planting” the waterside plants. The silt was cracked and parched after so little rain and we were very concerned they would dry out. The RRT staff did a great job keeping them watered for the first few days and then the rain arrived with perfect timing.

You will also have seen the brown coir matting that has been laid on the slopes above the planting. Grass seed in these areas should soon burst through this stabilisation layer and make the site fully green

Fish Pass News

England’s longest fish pass has been fabricated off site and installation should start in July. When installed, the sluice gate in the dam will be closed and the water level stabilise.

Work is on Time The work on the footpath and tree management started a little later than planed due to the planning changes The Coronavirus delayed some of the work but most of the tree management was largely completed before the Government ban on all but essential construction work. This work has opened up views over the site from Woone Lane where you can now see great progress being made with the nature walk to Whalley Road. With the change of entrance to opposite George Street, it was necessary to form a new retaining wall for a sloping ramp. This is formed by the large “Lego Blocks” but great as they are for holding back the earth they do not fit well with the look we are trying to achieve. Therefore they will be faced by the limestone that is recovered from the Woone Lane wall that is being dismantled.

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