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The Power Of Productivity

There’s only one thing more important than the daily vacuum and sweep that keeps carpets and hard surfaces clean and free of debris – doing it efficiently, says Stephen Pinhorne, UK National Sales Manager at Truvox International.

In most buildings, and especially the vast majority with carpeted areas, daily vacuuming is the mainstay of the cleaning regime. In fact, the routine is so firmly embedded that facility managers and cleaning contractors can be forgiven for hardly giving it a second thought. And the same often goes for the mundane task of sweeping up the previous day’s debris, whether it’s inside or outside the building.

Managers’ minds are far more likely to be exercised by the pressure to maintain if not improve standards of cleanliness on a constrained budget. But it’s because the biggest share of that budget goes to paying wages and labour-related costs that it’s well worth paying attention to how this work is done.

Putting the standard of cleanliness achieved to one side, in the longer run your cleaning team’s productivity is likely to be far more significant than the cost of purchasing or running their equipment. The more efficient the vacuuming or sweeping operation, the more time they can devote to other tasks.

Like any other cleaning equipment, vacuum cleaners need to be hard- working and hard-wearing. Choosing the right type of vacuum is crucial to productivity too. Important factors include the scale of the building and the layout of space, furniture and fixtures. Where accessibility is limited, a compact tub vacuum or a back-pack model may be required.

Truvox International offers both of these variants, not to mention a heavy-duty and industrial Valet Aqua range for wet and dry vacuuming. But for most clients, there are two more typical solutions designed to maximise cleaning productivity and performance in a wide range of buildings.


The Valet Wide Area Vac has a cleaning path of 70cm – more than double the coverage of typical upright or tub vacuums. Again, indoor air quality is safeguarded by the machine’s four-stage filtration system, trapping particles down to 0.3 microns.

Operation in straight lines helps increase productivity, while operator comfort is catered for with an ergonomical, height-adjustable handle, cushioned grips and safety switch. The twin motors are highly efficient 1,000 watt units.

Its brush head has five positions, adjustable manually as this vacuum is designed for large carpeted spaces. This brush operates at 1,800 rpm, loosening dirt deep down in the pile and reviving the appearance of the carpet.

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