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perfectly suited for construction, floor prep, demolition and rental companies.

“HTC’s machines and

diamond tools grind and polish concrete floors to

remove the surface paste and expose the stronger concrete beneath.”

The machines can be used for floor preparation and renovation, concrete grinding and surface levelling and wood grinding. There is also an easy tool choice – three standard tools in different grit sizes for removal of coatings and levelling of concrete are the tools needed – so it couldn’t be easier.

Ultra-fast change of diamond tools, HTC EZchange is the world’s most widely used tooling system for grinding machines. The tools beneath the machine can be changed in seconds, and fit all HTC grinding machines. Overall, the machines are powerful and sturdy, with many technical details unique to HTC Greyline.

The HTC Greyline 270 Edge Grinder is an efficient floor grinder that reaches into tight, impractical areas, where earlier hand-held machines were the only option. The grinding heads unique design allows the operator to grind all the way up to the wall whilst still being in a standing upright position.

Whilst being a handy edge grinder, with the total grinding width of 270mm the machine is also large enough to handle smaller areas, or even rooms, something more or less impossible with hand-held machines.

In addition to the features mentioned above, the HTC Greyline 270 Edge Grinder can be disassembled for easy transportation. It is also equipped with HTC’s much appreciated floating cover for a better dust collection, and the EZchange system, which gives access to HTC’s complete tooling range.

HTC GL PS is a sturdy pre-separator that removes the large particles, such as heavy chips, bits of metal, screws and other things that might come in the way on a construction site, before they reach the dust extractor. This will increase the dust extractor’s overall capacity, and it will significantly extend the life of filters. The pre-separator is height adjustable and the large rubber wheels make the machine easy to move around.

The new GL PS is not just another ‘trash- can’ separator. This special unit (which is also integrated in the HTC 80 iD) is thoroughly tested and designed for the most optimal airflow to separate large particles in the airflow. Also, the ‘by- pass’ valve makes continuous operation

possible. The operator can change the dust bag in the pre-separator without turning off the dust extractor and therefore save valuable time.

The Longopac system that is standard on the GL PS also makes the handling of dust very convenient. Other features are adjustable height for easy transportation, anti-static hoses with camlock system and large rubber wheels.

APPLICATIONS Floor preparation and renovation

HTC Greyline effectively removes all types of floor coverings like epoxy, self- leveling compound paint, adhesives and carpet remnants. It will leave a levelled, flat, concrete surface ready to be prepared with a new floor.

Concrete grinding and surface leveling

When grinding it’s easy to remove bumps from old or newly casted concrete floors. The concrete floor becomes flat and the need for self- leveling compound is minimised.

Wood grinding

It sounds incredible that it is possible to refine and finalise a wooden floor with the same machine that grinds concrete. Just change the tools beneath the machine to sandpaper and the machine is now a sander for wooden floors.

OTHER BENEFITS Keep the customers – create more sales

Keep the flooring jobs within your company – there is much money to be made on floors, and most floors needs to be grinded at one time or another.

Easy tool choice

Three standard tools in different grit sizes for removal of coatings and leveling of concrete are the tools needed – it can’t be easier.

Ultra-fast change of diamond tools

HTC EZchange is the world’s most widely used tooling system for grinding machines. The tools beneath the machine can be changed in seconds, and fit all HTC’s grinding machines.

The secret – world leading technology

The secret to Greyline’s efficiency and versatility are, in addition to HTC’s unique diamond tools, the planetary drive. Grinding works on all surfaces and with a flat, leveled floor as the result. COVER STORY | 17

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