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ISSUE 2 2021

Feature: Break Bulk Weathers the pandemic storm P.10


Feature: Asian Trade Challenges Persist P.19

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News Antonov

transports rotor from Ghana to India p.5

The “Berlin Express” on the Elbe in Hamburg

Hapag-Lloyd orders 6 ultra large container vessels

Hapag-Lloyd has signed an order for six ultra large container vessels. The Korean shipyard Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering will

build the 23,500+ TEU vessels and deliver them to Hapag- Lloyd between April and December 2023. The vessels will be deployed

on the Europe – Far East routes as part of THE Alliance and will significantly increase Hapag- Lloyd´s competitiveness in this trade. As part of Hapag-

Lloyd sustainability strategy the vessels will be fitted with a state-of-the-art High Pressure dual fuel engine, which will be extremely fuel efficient. The engine will operate on LNG but has alternatively sufficient tank capacity to operate on conventional fuel. “With this investment we

will not only be able to reduce slot costs and improve our competitiveness on the Europe – Far East trade, but also take a significant step forward in modernizing our fleet. Additionally, we will further reduce our environmental impact,” said Rolf Habben Jansen, Hapag-Lloyd CEO.

the infrastructure to answer that demand.” December saw continued

The Port of Baltimore’s state- owned, public marine terminals finished a challenging 2020 in strong fashion, with key cargo commodities showing significant gains in recent months despite the continued impact of COVID-19. December totals show a triple-

digit increase for cars/light trucks for the fiſth consecutive month compared to lows during the early months of the pandemic, and general cargo, containers and roll on/roll off (farm and construction equipment) each posted double- digit jumps for the sixth straight

month. December figures for general cargo, containers and roll on/roll off categories represent year-over-year monthly gains versus December 2019. “Throughout


pandemic, the Port of Baltimore has been a barometer of

Maryland’s economic recovery, and the latest figures give us great optimism for the new year,” Governor Larry Hogan


“The Port’s healthy rebound is an indicator of increased consumer demand, and we’ve proven we have the talented workforce and

significant increases for autos/ light trucks, general cargo, containers and roll on/roll off machinery compared to the COVID-19 low points in May and June. Autos and light trucks, with 59,793 units, was up 288.8% compared to the low point in May. Roll on/roll off equipment, with 67,063 tons, was up 35.8% over the low point in June. General cargo, at 946,355 tons, was up 29% over the low point in June; and containers, with 53,057 boxes, was up 11.9% compared to June’s low point.

DB Schenker’s Golden Truck ready for 2021 US tour p.7

+ our regular From the Editor p.4

Logistics Roundup p.2 Shipping Roundup p.3

Road & Rail Roundup p.5 Airfreight Roundup p.6

General cargo’s December

2020 numbers represent an 8% increase over December 2019 – the third straight month for year-over-year gains. The figure for containers is a 6% increase over December 2019, also the third straight year-over-year

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