P u t t i n g F a i t h I n t o A c t i o n S i n c e 1 9 5 9

For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be calledWonderful, Counsellor, TheMightyGod, The EverlastingFather, ThePrince ofPeace.

The Time To Worship Christ Through Giving Is Now! Dear WME Partners and Supporters,

Christmas is actually a combination of two words. The first is Christ — the Son of God, the child born in a manger, the Teacher whose lessons are known around the globe, the Son of Man who bought our salvation by dying for us on the cross, and the Resurrected One who assures us that we are heirs to Heaven and eternal life. The second part of Christmas is “mas” which means WORSHIP. SO IT COULD NOT BE MORE CLEAR— THE HOLIDAYS ARE FOR WORSHIPPING JESUS. NOW LET’S CONSIDER...HOW CAN WE MOST EFFECTIVELY DO THIS?

Each of us knows the focus of Christmas is on giving. The first Christmas gifts were brought to Jesus by the wisemen. Their presents reflected the nobility of the child and foretold His importance to the world. As we move to Jesus’s ministry, we learn that giving is a natural extension of a godly life. In Christ’s teachings He constantly emphasized the importance of giving. This can be seen in the story of the rich young ruler, the widow’s mite, the good Samaritan, and the charge Christ gave his disciples in Matthew 25:35-40. So it is obvious that giving is essential to living a Christ-like life.

As you think of the lessons Jesus taught about giving, consider this: The pandemic that has killed more than a million across the globe and created massive economic chaos has opened the doors to needs like we have never seen. WME HAS EXPERIENCED CHALLENGES

Here are examples of children WME is reaching every day. Their needs are many, but they have few places to turn for help other than you.

PURCHASING FOOD FOR BOTH OUR CHILDREN’S HOMES AND IN OUR FEEDING PROGRAMS. OUR MEDICAL CLINICS HAVE BEEN TREATING MANY IN CRITICAL NEED WHO HAVE FEW OPTIONS. WE HAVE WITNESSED BOTH THE ELDERLY AND THE VERY YOUNG STRUGGLE TO SURVIVE. AND WHILE FACING THESE AND MANY MORE DEMANDS, THERE HAS BEEN REQUEST AFTER REQUEST FOR BIBLES. Yes, during these unparalleled times of pain and doubt, the thirst for the Word of Truth is greater than ever. Thus in 2020, at a time when giving to nonprofits has been down, World Missionary Evangelism has been severely tested as we have met many new challenges.


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