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National Voter Registration Day is September 24, 2019

Norfolk State University Names New Chief of Police

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Honoring 400 Years of African American History

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Hampton University to Donate Tuition, Room and Board to Bahamian Students Post-Dorian

President Barack Obama and President-elect Donald Trump in the Oval Office on November 10, 2016.

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On September 24, 2019, Americans will celebrate National Voter Registration Day with a massive 50-state effort to register voters before Election Day this November.

With local elections

happening in a few weeks, every eligible American voter should exercise his or her right to be heard at the ballot box this year and next. National Voter Registration Day is the right place to start by getting registered.

That is why communities

across the country are planning to use National Voter Registration Day to increase voter participation.

state, and local organizations Thousands of national,

and volunteers will be the driving force behind National Voter Registration Day 2019. Partner organizations will coordinate hundreds of National Voter Registration Day events nationwide and leverage #NationalVoterRegistrationDay on all social media platforms to drive attention to voter registration and the midterm elections.

The Hampton Roads

Messenger is proud to be a National Voter Registration Day partner. On September 24, will partner to engage its constituency and community to register voters at events throughout Hampton Roads. The effort’s website, www. NationalVoterRegistrationDay. org, provides a listing of


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Teen Suicide: Understanding Risk and Getting Help No More Mary Turners School Grants for 57 Schools

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National Preparedness Month

IGNITE Your Small Business Coca-Cola Scholars Program


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10 BY DONNA FITZGERALD With the first day of school being a few

weeks away, it’s time to switch gears and start thinking about back to school safety. Whether you have a child who’s starting kindergarten or a teenager embarking on their last year of high school, here are some safety tips to consider when heading into a new academic year.

A Coast Guard Air Station Clearwater MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter crew including Petty Officer 2nd Class Sam Fuller, Petty Officer 2nd Class Mike Lewis, Petty Officer 2nd Class Jethro Hauser, LCDR Tony Lumpkin and LT Travis Rhera in support of search and rescue and humanitarian aid in the Bahamas, September 4, 2019. (Photo by Seaman+ Erik Villa Rodriguez)

BY ANGELA JONES After the storm clouds rolled away and

the massive devastation that Hurricane Dorian left behind became evident, students enrolled at the University of the Bahamas-North were given a reason to hope again. Hampton University has entered into an agreement with their school to allow students, displaced by the hurricane, to enroll in classes for the Fall semester at Hampton University. These students will not have to pay tuition or room and board. They will also have the option to

continue their education at Hampton after the Fall semester at the regular tuition rates.

“I think this agreement is something that

can be helpful to a great number of students and families, and is part of something I’ve tried to do my entire career – helping people to achieve and meet their goals,” said Hampton University President, Dr. William R. Harvey.

Hampton University and the University of the Bahamas were connected before


Start the School Year Right With These Safety Tips

Plan Your School Route Before the First Day Whether you’re planning on biking or

walking with your child to school, driving, or you have a teen driver who’s driving to school for the first time, it’s always a good idea to plan your school route before the first day.

Anyone who travels through the HRBT,

the Downtown or Midtown Tunnels, or I-64 and I-264 knows that traffic congestion is common. If your route to school includes any of these high-traffic areas, consider an alternate route or leave enough time for your child to arrive to school on time.

Make Sure Your Teen Driver is Following State Laws

Teen drivers are inexperienced and the

first year of driving can be an overwhelming experience for both you and your teen. Make sure that your new driver is adhering


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