FUNDRAISING – Supermarket grant schemes

game. Always ask the organisation why you have been unsuccessful to get an insight into what can be improved. Even if your application is

successful, you still have work to do. Because the amount you win is dependent on a public vote, you’ll need to promote your project in the run-up to its in-store launch. Use social media to boost awareness, and send press releases to local papers and radio stations to reach more people. Ask if the supermarket has any promotional materials or templates you can use, and if you’re holding a PTA event during the voting period, take advantage of having a captive audience to promote even more.

Co-op Local

Community Fund What is it? The Co-op Local Community Fund supports projects that make a difference to local communities near the company’s stores. Schools aren’t eligible for the Co-op Community Fund but PTAs are, so it’s a fantastic source of funding for PTAs to follow. Amount: It depends on where you live, but most communities receive £4,000-£6,000 to be shared between three causes. Length of time as a cause: One year Deadline: The fund opens once a year, with a June deadline. How it works: Up to three successful organisations will become the good causes for their local store for one year, starting each October. Once customers have joined Co-op’s membership scheme, one per cent of their spend on own-brand products is donated to the cause of their choice every time they scan their membership card. At the end of the year, any unallocated funding is split equally between the causes. Funds are received in two payments – one in April and one in November. Criteria: Your project must benefi t your local community and could include improvements to indoor or outdoor local spaces, wellbeing activities to support the mental or

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Waitrose & Partners Community Matters

What is it? Each Waitrose branch runs a token scheme that supports three different community groups each month. Amount: A share of £1,000 (£500 in Little Waitrose), split between three local causes. Length of time as a cause: One month Deadline: Ongoing How it works: Charitable organisations can apply to their local Waitrose store to be a good cause. Customers receive a token when they shop, which they place in the box of the cause they’d like to support. This dictates how the £1,000 is split. Criteria: The scheme supports any local good causes.

What else does it offer? The Community Matters Partner Volunteering initiative means that local causes can bid for ‘partner time’. Ask in store for details. ● For more information: content/waitrose/en/home/inspiration/ community_matters.html


physical health of the community, or helping people reach their full potential by developing their skills. What else does it offer? Co-op also offers its staff members two days’ paid leave per year for voluntary work. Ask in your local store to see if this could benefi t your school. ● For more information:

Green Token Giving What is it? Asda’s Green Token Giving programme provides local funding for three local charities each month. Amount: £200 or £500. The amount awarded is dependent on the number of votes your cause receives from the public; £500 for fi rst place and £200 for second or third place. Length of time as a cause: One month Deadline: Ongoing How it works: Three local charities or good causes are nominated each month to receive a small grant, which is voted for by shoppers (using tokens) at their local store. Criteria: The Foundation aims to support projects that tackle underlying problems in the local community, benefi t the wider community and make a real long-term difference. What else does it offer? Community Champions at each store can volunteer their time locally, which includes working with teachers to promote healthy eating and an active lifestyle. The Asda Foundation also offers funding to ‘signifi cant local community projects’. The amount offered is discretionary, but is generally no more than £35,000. Charities and not-for-profi t organisations can apply for funding for capital works and/or equipment that will benefi t the local community. ● For more information:

The Morrisons Foundation

Unlike supermarket schemes that rely on public voting, The Morrison Foundation’s grant funding is a one-step process where applicants fi ll in an online form. Grant applications can take up to three months to review, and you will be notifi ed on the outcome of your application even if it’s unsuccessful. There’s no minimum or maximum amount for grants, but you

must be registered with the Charity Commission or Offi ce of the Scottish Charity Regulator. Projects must make a positive difference in local communities. The Foundation also match-funds money that Morrisons colleagues raise for their chosen charities, so see if you have any Morrisons employees within your sc hool community.

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